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CTC asks Canadians to steer clear of Expo’s so-called "Heavenly Tibet" Pavilion

May 02, 2010

(Montreal, 2 May 2010) – The Canada Tibet Committee (CTC) is calling on Canadian leaders and tourists visiting the Shanghai Expo to put an extra wide berth between themselves and what organizers have offensively termed the "Heavenly Tibet" Pavilion.
“This pavilion is a hopeless attempt to whitewash the government of China’s human rights abuses in Tibet,” said CTC executive director Dermod Travis. “There is nothing heavenly about Tibet for Tibetans when thousands have disappeared or been incarcerated for exercising their universal human rights since 2008.”
Event organizers state that the “Tibet Pavilion displays the unique charms of Tibetan culture, Tibetan people's patriotism, resolution to make progress, and aspiration for well-off life, peace and harmony, through exhibited items like Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Housing Project, multimedia interactive streets and short videos.”
“Such biased, jingoistic programming flies in the face of what the world knows all too well about life inside Tibet,” said Travis. The CTC notes that in addition to its failure to depict human rights abuses under China’s occupation, the pavilion will not even display a single photo of the Dalai Lama.
The CTC will be writing to Canadian officials and politicians who announce visits to call upon them to cross the pavilion off their possible itineraries.
“High profile Canadians from the municipal to federal levels are the most likely to find themselves unwittingly put at the centre of propaganda efforts by the Chinese government should they visit the pavilion.”
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