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Kalachakra for World Peace 2011 in Washington, DC

June 04, 2011

Tickets are still available for this rare and wonderful event and the historic chance to participate in the Kalachakra for World Peace 2011 is still open. Several ticket packages, including those for eleven, eight, and four days are currently on sale, and very soon, single day tickets will also be available.

We’ll be sending updates about attending the Kalachakra, our extensive program of evening events, and other important news as we come closer to our opening day on July 6. Please continue to check our website for new developments!


We would also like to remind you that the Kalachakra’s opening day, July 6, is also the 76th birthday of His Holiness the Dalai Lama! Whether you can attend in person or not, we invite everyone to join the celebration in a simple, free, and meaningful way: pedge an Act of Kindness in honor of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's 76th birthday. What better way to celebrate than to pledge your own personal act of kindness, done in his name to honor him?

Use the pledge page on our website to make your offering of kindness. For his birthday, we will print all the pledges and offer the printout to him as a unique and meaningful gift, with the message that these many acts of kindness, large and small, were done around the world in his name.

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There are couple of different option in getting the rooms at Washington DC during the Kalachakra Initiations.


(1) If you are coming here for less than 12 days, you can get affordable rooms at American University dorm, but if you are booking for one person at single room, it gonna cost you more. Here is the link and its self explainatory about the type of rooms and rate per person per day.


(2) Finally if you feel that you can afford little more than the above rooms, you can get a special price at Washington Hilton, by saying Kalachakra special rate, here is the link for it Washington Hilton is not far from Verizon as compare to American University or Catholic University, and also most of the evening talk under special events will take place at this same hotel as well.

Kalachakra Housing Department

Tel: 703-448-8552

The Vision of Kalachakra


Imagine a world in which everyone is awakened: genuine, kind, loyal and brave; in which the leaders are enlightened: honest, selfless, compassionate and wise; and in which harmony, wealth, joy, and spiritual growth pervade every level of society. This is the vision His Holiness the Dalai Lama will be sharing from July 6 to 16 in our nation’s capitol as he invokes the transformative power of Kalachakra into the Verizon Center.


In the world of our ordinary experience, we can see how selfishness leads to fear, greed and aggression causing strife between individuals and nations. These sad situations are obviously nothing new. There is a long dismal history of suffering produced by the inner enemies of humankind: ignorance, hatred, insatiable desire, jealousy, arrogance and the many other afflictions of mind. Kalachakra provides an antidote to these inner and outer negative conditions.


The legacy of Kalachakra dates back to the time of the Buddha, who imparted the Kalachakra teachings to King Suchandra, also known as Chandrabhadra (Tibetan: zla ba bzang po). King Suchandra became enlightened by practicing Kalachakra while simultaneously ruling and creating harmony in his kingdom. He taught the Kalachakra teachings to his people and they were passed down through a succession of kings to the present day. Prophecy holds that these teachings will eventually manifest in world events, culminating in an enlightened society on earth. By attending and participating in the Kalachakra event, we are creating a connection with that future enlightened civilization. But, connecting properly is crucial for gaining an authentic experience of the blessings of Kalachakra.


While rooted in the Buddhist path, the vision of Kalachakra is all-inclusive, accommodating all beings, all dispositions of people, and encouraging tolerance between all races and religions. It summons forth the best in all of us and provides a pathway for inner and outer peace. In order to prepare our minds to properly receive its blessings, His Holiness will teach “The Thirty Seven Practices (laglen sobdunma)” by Bodhisattva Tokmay Sangpo (rgyal sras thogs med bzang po, 1245-1369), which helps to cultivate a mind intent on attaining enlightenment in order to benefit all beings. He will also teach the “The Middling Stages of Meditation (gomrim barpa)” by Acharya Kamalashila (fl. 713-763), so that we can learn to stabilize our minds and develop wisdom. The mental states induced by these teachings serve as a basis for entering the mandala of Kalachakra and receiving its blessings.


Typically, at the time of the actual initiation into the mandala of Kalachakra, His Holiness allows participants to take it as a blessing without commitments, or to take it as a practice with commitments. He usually describes these options before granting the initiation. The causes and conditions for this rare and auspicious event may never rise for us again, and the blessings that come from connecting properly are said to be immeasurable. Therefore, everyone is encouraged to attend!


Kalachakra and the Buddhist Path


All of Lord Buddha’s teachings converge on a single theme: finding freedom from suffering and its causes. The Pali Canon sets forth his discourses on suffering, its causes, its cessation, and the path to that cessation. It also contains his teachings on dependent origination, the 37 factors of enlightenment, and other related topics. It promotes the goal of the elimination of mental afflictions culminating in final peace (Nirvana).


The teachings of the Great Vehicle (Mahayana) extend this theme while describing the path of Bodhisattvas, who strive for the non-abiding Nirvana of Supreme Buddhahood (Samyak Sambodhi) in order to liberate all beings from suffering. Their goal includes both the elimination of the mental afflictions and the removal of obstacles to knowledge. They strive to attain both a Buddha’s wisdom body (Dharmakaya) and form body (Rupakaya). The Buddha’s form body allows them to appear to beings and lead disciples on the path. It has two aspects, the emanation body (Nirmanakaya) which beings can see, and the enjoyment body (Sambogakaya) which can be seen only by high level Bodhisattvas and by other Buddhas. Lord Buddha’s emanation body disappeared from the world when he passed beyond, but Mahayanists believe that his enjoyment body lives on.


The Pali Canon was compiled by monks, who gathered after Buddha passed beyond in order to memorize and preserve what they had heard him say. Generations later, these memorized verses were recorded in written form. The Mahayana scriptures were passed down differently. For example, it is said that Buddha’s teachings on profound view were passed from Buddha to the great Bodhisattva Manjushri and then to Manjushri’s earthly disciple Acharya Nagarjuna, who appeared in India about 400 years after Buddha passed beyond.


Acharya Nagarjuna argued that the mental afflictions can be destroyed but that nothing can bring about the end of the continuum of consciousness, and that therefore, Buddha’s passing beyond did not mean the end of his continuum. Nagarjuna asserted that Lord Buddha’s pursuit of enlightenment, which spanned three great eons on the path of a Bodhisattva, surely resulted in an ability to help beings that spans beyond his lifetime. Other great commentators of the Mahayana path like Maitreya, Shantideva, and Bhavaviveka level similar arguments. Therefore, Mahayanists believe that Buddha’s blessings can be invoked through prayer and meditation. Supplicating Kalachakra is thought to invoke such blessings.


Kalachakra belongs to the Mahayana tradition. Lord Buddha taught the Kalachakra (Wheel of Time) to Suchandra, a king who travelled to India in order to ask Buddha how to pursue enlightenment while maintaining his kingdom. Tradition holds that King Suchandra attained enlightenment through practicing Kalachakra while benefiting the people of his land. From him, the Kalachakra teachings passed through a line of kings up to the present day. It is thought that a special connection exists between the Kalachakra and the people of the world. Therefore, although it is a secret practice, a tradition developed to impart it to large gatherings in order to promote peace, well-being and spiritual growth. Sincere aspirants can use its practice to reach their highest goals. Therefore, it is exceptionally lucky to be able to establish a connection with these precious teachings, and we are extremely fortunate that His Holiness the Dalai Lama will impart the Kalachakra here in Washington DC in July of 2011.

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