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Montreal band Sunrise and Good People launches new Tibet-inspired video

November 22, 2011

I Won't Fall Down

A Tibetan monk and Sunrise and Good People (a Montreal alternative rock band)...

What could they have in common?

Here's the story behind the video:

Dateline: Dharamsala, India, November 2011

While visiting the little town of McLeod Ganj, where Tibetan refugees now live, a small museum, next to the Buddhist temple of His Holiness the Dalaï Lama caught the attention of members of the Montreal, Canada-based band Sunrise and Good People.

The museum tour started with a huge picture and text relating the atrocities perpetrated by the Chinese Army in the 1950's within the homeland of the Tibetans. Sorrow and disbelief take hold of the band's members.

A few moments later, a Tibetan monk named Ven. Bagdro reaches out and starts talking about his life. With a deep and penetrating look, he explains how he managed to survive a four-year sentence before fleeing to exile to India, where he continues his long and difficult mission to educate people about the situation in Tibet today.

The next day, he gave the band the opportunity to shoot some images while he meditated, prayed and chanted. On the same visit, Sunrise and Good People asked other Tibetans living in McLeod Ganj to join in helping with what was then only the seeds of an idea.

On their way back to Montreal the seeds bore fruit: make a short film with these images and blend it with one of the band's songs: I won't fall down.

Spirituality, freedom and liberty are the song's main theme. The story is about a soul being confronted to many obstacles and difficulties and still manages to keep faith, to pursue his goal: to free oneself.

The truth stands, freedom is vital and for an individual or a nation.

The video clip is a tribute to the courage and compassion of the Tibetan people.

Links: (video clip) (band)

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