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Prime Minister's Visit to China: Time to stand up for Tibet

August 22, 2016

August 22, 2016 – As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau leaves for his first official visit to China later this week, the Canada Tibet Committee (CTC) is urging his active support in efforts to re-launch the stalled Sino-Tibetan negotiation process.

In a letter sent last week, the CTC also requested that Canada formally endorse the Dalai Lama’s “Middle Way Approach” as a viable basis for the renewed dialogue.  The approach seeks genuine autonomy for Tibetans within the Chinese state [1].

“The Tibetan Administration has made a reasonable proposal upon which to base a renewed dialogue for peace in Tibet,” said Carole Samdup, Executive Director of the Canada Tibet Committee.  “And Canadians have valuable first-hand experience to contribute in several of the areas highlighted in that proposal, including language, education, and culture.”

The letter also suggested that Prime Minister Trudeau set the tone for Canada’s future partnership with China based on a firm commitment to human rights which are core Canadian values [2].

In 2016, human rights violations in Tibet continued to escalate unabated.  As Trudeau departs for China, enforced demolitions continue at Larung Gar Buddhist Institute in Serthar, eastern Tibet [3].  In February the US organization Freedom House ranked Tibet as the 2nd worse place in the world for freedom behind only Syria [4].

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[1] The Middle Way Approach is described at

[2] In May 2016, Canada announced that it would “re-invigorate” support for human rights” and make it a “core objective” of Canadian foreign policy with a special focus on religious freedom.

[3] See

[4] Freedom in the World 2016 at

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