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APPLY NOW: 2017 Parliamentary Friends of Tibet Internship Program

March 30, 2017

The Parliamentary Friends of Tibet (PFT) Parliamentary Internship Program is an initiative of the PFT launched to provide young men and women of Tibetan background with exposure to the Canadian political process and serves as an opportunity to participate in and learn about Canada and its governance.

Application Deadline - April 15th 2017

Duration - May 8th - June 23rd, 2017 (7 weeks) in Ottawa

Orientation - Interns will be provided with readings to help them familiarize themselves with the workings of Parliament.


During the program, seminars will be organized to enhance the intern’s knowledge of Canadian politics, and government structure.  Meetings will also be held to reflect on and observe each other’s experiences.

Compensation - Tentative

(Note that interns will be expected to pay for the cost of their travel to and from Ottawa. In the event billeting cannot be arranged with Tibetan families in Ottawa, interns may also be asked to pay for their own accommodations.)

Application Criteria

·        Of Tibetan origin currently enrolled in or recently graduated from a Canadian post-secondary educational institution

·        Must be a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident of Canada

·        Interested in learning about day-to-day governance and the structure of  the Canadian political system

·        Communication skills (bilingualism an asset)

·        Extracurricular activities including community involvement

·        Personal essay and resume (see next page)

·        Letters of recommendation

NOTE: The PFT Internship Program is interested in promoting an inclusive program, where financial hardship does not prevent applicants from participating. If covering the cost of your travel and accommodation would present a financial difficulty and limit your ability to participate in this program, please identify this in a separate, confidential email to


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