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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."

Tibetan Human rights on the bottom of the list for 2008 Olympics

July 17, 2006

Montreal – Jacques Rogge, president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is currently
in Montreal to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Olympics Games.  The Canada Tibet
Committee calls on the IOC to ensure that Beijing abides by human rights principles and the
international obligations that goes with the Olympic games.
 ‘We deeply regret that Beijing was awarded the 2008 Olympic games. China continues to ignore
international concerns for violations of human rights of the Chinese people and the people of
Tibet, Eastern Turkestan and Inner Mongolia. Giving China 2008 Olympic Games by the IOC
constitutes a total lack of sensitivity and regard for the suffering of millions of Chinese, Tibetans,
Uighurs and Mongolians,’ stated T.C Tethong, current board member of the Canada Tibet
Committee and former spokesperson of the central administration of the Tibetan government-in-
The spirit of the Olympic games is to promote peace, freedom, justice and cooperation amongst
nations and people of this planet. One of the reasons stated by the IOC for awarding the Olympic
Games was to help improve human rights in China. So far, the Chinese government has
demonstrated very little interest in improving the human rights of its people or of Tibetans. Nor
has China shown any tangible signs of doing so in the near future. The repressive measures being
administered by the Chinese authorities in trampling the basic rights of the Tibetans clearly
indicates that China and its leaders have no intention to abide by human rights principles.
Amnesty International has stated in its recent report that the Chinese regime has not taken any
measures to improve its human rights record. Instead, China has increased its repressive measures
in Tibet and the Tibetans continue to experience torture, detainment, a lack of freedom of speech,
denial of their religious practices and other serious human rights violations.
"The members of the IOC who voted for Beijing must shoulder the responsibility for the suffering
of the ordinary people by a totalitarian one-party state that has assumed that it has received
international permission for its horrendous repression," Tethong said. 
IOC members countries, who had voted for the Beijing Olympic Games have the special
responsibility of making China adhere to the human rights principles not only during the games
but also after the games are over and the Chinese return to their normal lives. The privilege of
hosting the games should not be used to promote China’s material progress, but instead, it should
help establish a Chinese nation that is peaceful and harmonious in all aspects of its relations with
the rest of world and its own people.
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