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Tickets for Dalai Lama's talk at Stanford now available

August 31, 2010

By Lia Steakley
Scope (Stanford University News)
Aug 30 2010

The Dalai Lama will return to Stanford for a
third visit this October. Tickets for the two-day
event went on sale this morning and can be purchased here.

Tibet's exiled political and spiritual leader
will deliver a talk titled "The Centrality of
Compassion in Human Life and Society" at Maples
Pavilion on Oct. 14. The following day, he will
take part in a day-long conference sponsored by
the School of Medicine's Center for Compassion
and Altruism Research and Education titled
"Scientific Explorations of Compassion and
Altruism." Tickets can be purchased for both events.

The Dalai Lama was invited by Philip Pizzo, MD,
dean of the School of Medicine. Rev. Scotty
McLennan, dean of the Office for Religious Life, is co-sponsoring both events.
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