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Founder of today's China killed 45 million of his own people

September 7, 2010

Tibetan Review
September 5, 2010

Recently declassified Chinese Communist Party
archives show that the Great Helmsman, Chairman
Mao Tsetung's regime cased the greatest "man-made
famine" the world has ever seen, reported the ANI
news service Sep 3, citing a new publication from
Hong Kong. Mao's Great Famine, by Frank Dikotter,
Professor of Humanities at the University of Hong
Kong, is reported to show that 45 million Chinese
people were killed between 1958 and 1961.

Chinese propaganda posters of the late 1950s show
smiling young workers marching jubilantly towards
unity under the benevolent Great Leader. However,
the historian is cited as saying, the reality was
that workers were more likely to be found lying
dead in the gutters of rundown towns or falling,
weak from starvation, in the paddy fields. All
around would be the stomach-churning signs of
neglect, food shortages and death dealing
poverty. People often risked their lives stealing grain from the fields.

The newly opened party archives are reported to
show that starvation drove some peasants to
actually eat the earth itself before dying. Many
houses in the smaller towns were pulled down to
provide building materials, with their former
occupants forcibly herded into collectives, or,
worse, left to live wild. Some of the elderly
workers, too frail to keep up with unrealistic
production quotas, were put on slow starvation diets.

The book is cited as saying Chairman Mao, who is
revered by the current regime with his portrait
hanging on the Tiananmen Square, was not the warm
father of his people, but a foul, heartless
dictator, who had thrown his country into frenzy.

And while the ordinary people of China fell into
the depths of hell, corruption was reported to be
rampant at every level of Chinese society – from
those in Chairman Mao's own coterie (all of whom
lived a luxurious life) right down to the small
local officials. For example, in a town just
outside Beijing, the head of a retirement home
systematically stole food and clothes earmarked
for the elderly, condemning them to a winter
without warmth or padded jackets. Most were said
to have died as soon as the frosts appeared and
their bodies were left unburied for over a week.
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