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CHINA - TIBET: A five star hotel planned for the entrance of a Tibetan canyon

September 9, 2010

Asia News
September 06, 2010

Beijing -- A 5-star hotel China is planned for
Yarlung Tsangpo Canyon (Chinese: Brahmaputra
Grand Canyon), one of the longest and deepest
canyons in the world and perhaps Tibet’s most
picturesque. However, the proposal has already
caused controversy over its impact and dangers.

The hotel, which will have 150 rooms and host
some 300 guests, will be built on a hill near the
remote city of Pai, said Liu Jianyun, vice
president of the Tibet Tourism Co Ltd, in charge
of the project. The price tag for the venture is
expected to reach 100 million yuan (US$ 14.7 million).

The hotel will cater to the needs of wealthy
tourists used to luxury hotels, who complain that
eastern Tibet has no such facility. Only youth
hostels and rooms rented out by locals are available in the area.

The proposal however has been met by criticism.
Yang Yong, who was among the first to trek along
the canyon and knows it very well, said, “The
view is breathtaking, but there are many dangers:
avalanches, snakes, mosquito-borne diseases,
flash floods. Any one of them could strike anytime.”

Recent reports have also said that China is
planning to build a massive dam in the canyon.
This has set off alarm bells in India, which is
concerned about the possible diversion of the
Brahmaputra River, whose waters are essential for
the population and the economy of entire regions.
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