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China muscling India

September 11, 2010

Reshma Patil
The Hindustan Times
September 11, 2010

Beijing -- China's recent 'muscular diplomacy'
with India reflects a broader trend of Beijing
asserting its territorial claims, says a
Washington think-tank in a report urging the
US  to boost strategic ties with India.
Sino-Indian tensions are  driven largely by
'China's concern with an emergent India and
Beijing's desire to consolidate its Tibet
position' said analysts Dean Cheng and Lisa
Curtis of the Heritage Foundation. They advised
the US to work with India, especially to match
increased Chinese presence in the Indian Ocean
and "signal Beijing that its moves will be
matched jointly by New Delhi and Washington."

The authors noted that Chinese soldiers in
Pakistan-occupied Kashmir are likely helping
build transportation links to China from Gwadar port.

The paper estimated that India would deal with
Chinese backtracking on Kashmir by increasingly
questioning Chinese sovereignty over Tibet.
Ruling out a military conflict between India and
China, the paper warns that rising Chinese
assertiveness is backed by rising military capabilities.
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