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Wisconsin Celebrate Tibetan Culture

September 15, 2010

Central Tibetan Administration (CTA)
September 14, 2010

Dharamshala: The Wisconsin Tibetan Association
and the University of Wisconsin’s Center for
South Asia co-sponsored the annual Tibet festival
to foster appreciation of Tibetan culture with
the Wisconsin public from 10 – 12 September.

The festivities kicked off with prayers by
Buddhist monks for peace and justice for Tibet.

While opening the three-day event, Center for
South Asia Director Mark Kenoyer commended the
festival for its celebration of Tibetan culture, The Badger Herald reported.

"We look forward to the next three days of the
Tibet festival," Kenoyer said. "I spread the word
around as much as I can and we should continue to
do this and make sure a lot of people see it.”

Mayor Dave Cieslewicz also attended the opening
of the festival, praising the Tibetan community
for their efforts to preserve their culture. He
was honoured by Kenoyer with traditional white
Tibetan scarf for his attendance and help to the Tibetan community.

"I’ve had a couple of opportunities to meet His
Holiness the Dalai Lama and each time I’m
honoured to be presented with these scarves,” Cieslewicz said.

Madison flies the Tibet flag each time His
Holiness the Dalai Lama visits both to honour him
and to express support and closeness to the
Tibetan community here in Madison, he said.

Cleslewicz expressed hope that the Tibet festival
contributes to Madison’s strength and diversity as a community.

"On behalf of the entire community of Madison I’d
like to thank you for honouring our community and
for this wonderful festival which I hope will
contribute to a greater understanding of this culture,”he added.

Children from the Tibetan Language School also performed with song and dance.

Cieslewicz was then escorted to officially open
the exhibition room, featuring Tibetan history,
culture and religion, traditional Tibetan food,
costumes and handicrafts, books and medicine.
There was also a lecture series and film screening on Tibet related issues.
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