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10th March Demonstration in Oslo

March 13, 2008

Norwegian Tibet Committee and Tibetan Community of Norway organized a
demonstration in front of the Chinese Embassy to commemorate the 49th
anniversary of the Uprising of March 10 in Oslo
They were dazzled yet angered by the Tibetan supporters who had
gathered in front of Chinese  Embassy in Oslo (Norway). Yet all that
the Chinese officials could do was close the Chinese  embassy and
watch the demonstration behind the curtains while  over one hundred
Tibet supporters and Tibetans  protestors  gathered  at the Chinese
Embassy  Besides the Tibetans and the Tibetan supporters, for the
first time,even the exile Uighur people   joined hands together with
the Tibetans to express their solidarity and support for the Tibetan
struggle against  communist China.

There were  numerous reporters from different media channels including
the Norwegian Television and Norwegian Press Agency were present
there. Mrs. Chungdak Koren, Chairwoman of the Norwegian Tibet
commettee read the statement of His Holiness the Dalai Lama .
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