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Don't lose faith in His Holiness - Response to J. Norbu's article

September 19, 2010

By Norbu Samphell
September 18, 2010

Jamyang Norbu’s article, "Dangerous Liaison (1)"
is a dangerous piece of writing for Tibetan Unity
and a gift to Chinese leadership. They could use it again against His Holiness.

JN misunderstood, misconstrued and misinterpreted
Prof. S. Rinpoche’s May 23, 2010 statement in New
York. Fortunately, a video excerpt of the
statement is given. Without this video clipping,
people will make it that JN is instigating a
revolt against our Kalon Tripa Rinpoche for lying
about Rangzen advocates to His Holiness. By
writing such a piece JN is making himself a
“rabble-rouser” among Tibetan community. It is
unfortunate and a loathsome affair for a man, who
we look up as knowledgeable writer for Tibet.

Rinpoche was simply stating his fear, which is a
fact that there is a waning (decreasing) trend of
faith, devotion, and confident in His Holiness
the Dalai Lama among our youth in Tibetan
Community. And that is a dangerous trend, even
more dangerous than Shugden propitiators and
communist Chinese. Losing faith and confidence in
a leadership is a dangerous thing politically.
This is what Rinpoche was talking about.

He was neither denouncing Rangzen advocates nor
denigrating them. It was simply a warning that we
should not loose faith in His Holiness. Rangzen
advocates, who are emotionally passionate for
Rangzen, and those who in the name of
implementing modern, more secular democracy at
times, seem to over look the importance of His
Holiness’s role in our democracy. The talks they
talk, actions they perform and questions they ask
make it easy for any one to assume their
intention, even if it may be otherwise in
reality. Therefore, S. Rinpoche was sort of
warning Rangzen advocates and others, that they
should be careful and not loose their faith and confidence in His Holiness.

However democratic we may become, we can not do
any thing without His Holiness. Every democratic
country has its own way to pursue democracy
influenced by its cultural and traditional
background. We can not and should not copy any
one of those democracies, be it American, England
or Indian. If we do, that would be disastrous for
us. Our Democracy is and should be ‘Unique
Tibetan Democracy’ with special status and regards to His Holiness.

We all know that Rangzen people ‘do seem’ to
suspect His Holiness’s political and secular
judgment for Tibet and Tibetans. There are
questions and concerns raised including about
middle way approach for Tibet. The recent
incident of a TYC member posing an embarrassing
question to His Holiness is one such instance.

As a TYC member myself since its inception, and
having worked as General Secretary of RTYC,
Bylakuppe, Mysore for two consecutive terms from
1986-1992, I have noticed a shift in TYC’s way of
doing things in relation to His Holiness. We used
to be proud of ourselves for being the Right Hand
of His Holiness in serving the cause of Tibet and
welfare of Tibetans. But these days they seem to
take pride in differing from His Holiness in the
name of Modern Democracy and this right and that
right, instead of working to force the Chinese
Leadership to accept the Middle Way Approach. TYC
could launch programs and actions to promote His
Holiness’s Middle Way, instead of doing things
that Chinese want the world to see to discredit
the genuineness of His Holiness’s Middle Approach.

The writer is a journalist working for the Voice of America's Tibetan service.
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