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Globe-trotting Tibetan runs into customs wall in Chennai

September 26, 2010

Exile Tibetans hold Tibetan flags as they pray in memory of the victims at ...
September 23, 2010

Chennai -- A globe-trotting Tibetan from the US
has hit the 'great wall' with the Indian customs
at Chennai as he entered India to complete the
last leg of his 22-nation tour for the Tibetan cause.

Lhakpa Tsering, who started his journey from the
UN office in New York March 10 (Tibetan national
uprising anniversary day) this year, has been
cooling his heels with the customs authorities at
Chennai port where his BMW 1200 GS motorbike is
not being cleared for 'want of proper documents'.

The motorcycle was shipped to India from
Australia, where Tsering completed the previous
leg of his journey to create awareness about the plight of Tibetans in Tibet.

'I have the motorcycle passport with me. I did
not face this problem in any other country. I
have tried my best to seek help from all quarters
to get the motorcycle released. The Tibetan
office (in Dharamsala) is also trying to help. I
hope they release my motorcycle soon to let me
complete my world tour,' Lhakpa Tsering told IANS on phone from Chennai.

Tsering, who migrated from India to the US in
1995, says he has now got a letter from the
chambers of commerce in New Delhi and submitted
the documents to the customs authorities in
Chennai to secure the release of his motorcycle.

'I am having a huge problem with the documents.
There won't release my motorcycle. I will use all
my resources and I will try my best not to leave
India until I finish my tour,' an anguished
Tsering wrote on his website Sep 20.

Seeking help from anyone, Tsering pointed out
that the customs officials were seeking $18,000
(Rs.825,000) as deposit to release his motorcycle.

Born in exile in India after his parents fled
Tibet, Tsering and his six siblings found
themselves to be orphans. His mother passed away
within six months of his birth. His father, being
too poor, donated the children to the Tibetan
Children's Village (TCV) in Dharamsala. His father also died later.

Brought up and educated at TCV school, Tsering
volunteered for the Tibetan cause in India and
Nepal. In 1995, he migrated to the US and is now working in the private sector.

'I have left my family behind (in the US) during
my world tour. I saved money and generated
resources to embark on this trip for the Tibetan
cause. I want to make people aware worldwide
about the suffering of Tibetans in Tibet under
Chinese occupation. I want to show that Tibetans
living in exile are also trying to highlight their plight,' Tsering said.

The Tibetan volunteer now just wants to get back
on his motorcycle to complete his journey at Dharamsala by the end of October.

'I plan to go through Bangalore, Bylakuppe (the
largest Tibetan settlement in India in
Karnataka), Hosur, Mumbai, Delhi and other places
before reaching Dharamsala. I am eagerly looking
forward to seeing His Holiness (the Dalai Lama) there,' Tsering said.

India is home to around 100,000 Tibetan settlers.
Dharamsala is the headquarters of the Tibetan government in exile.

This poor Tibetan do not understand that Indian
Babus and Politicians are the cause of his
plight. It was Nehru who surrender Tibet to China
instead of up keeping it as buffre state. Nehru
left Tibetan in sorry state while he was reciting
"Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai". Those Chinese Brother of
Nehru kick his rear in 1962, he again run to UNO,
leaving thousands of unprovided armed forces of
India to defend the nation. The Lata ji sung a
song of "Mere Vatan Ke Logo...." , Nehru cried
like baby! All his life he spent
criying.....Mahtma Gandhi died because of the act
of the patriotic man Mr. Godse, but he left
behind his Congress croocks! God save honor of
mother India as his Napunsak or enuch children failed!
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