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"As long as human rights are violated, there can be no foundation for peace. How can peace grow where speaking the truth is itself a crime?"

Opinion: H.H. Dalai Lama is the Anitidote

October 4, 2010

Chewang Ngokhang (Ajo Che)
by email
September 2, 2010

In recent months I am hearing diverse tunes from
our Holiness and TGIE that I have not heard for
about five decades. Something new is in the air,
and something is surely happening in the under
current of today's political tug of war between
the 6.5 Gangchenpas and People’s Republic of China .

It is no secret that China has achieved
gargantuan economic gains in the last thirty plus
years, showing a steady annual growth of about 10
%, and its GDP standing tall at 8 trillion
dollars today while the US is currently at around
14 tr. It took the western nations some two
hundred years to show such growth during the
Industrial Revolution. China ’s ascendance as a
global player is absolutely astounding. The
sleeping giant has now fully awakened thanks to
Richard Nixon’s foreigner policy, brilliantly engineered in the early 70s.

Nixon's aim was to engage China, cultivate a
trade relationship between the two countries, and
bring Uncle Chin to the main stream by employing
various means to accommodate that objective.
Consequently, China was not only admitted to the
United Nations, but was also proffered the
efficacious seat as a permanent member of the
Security Council of the UN. Subsequent events and
developments between the world’s two largest
economies, clearly accentuates Nixon’s acumen,
brilliance and far sightedness in forging a
foreign policy that was conducive to both the
nations, and could contribute to order and world
peace through dialogue and détente.

In 2006 China's DGP was at 2.6 trillion in US
dollars, and the US at 13.2 tr., and today they
are 8 tr. and 14 tr. respectively. That’s a
quick leap for China while the US gain in the
same period is miniscule. In the past economists
had predicted that China’s GDP would catch up
with the United States’ by middle of this
century, but that forecast is way off the mark
today; now the prediction by many is twenty years
if not sooner. To this, all I can say is WOW! What a feat.

Though the country is bulging with monstrous
surplus when the rest of the western nations are
reeling in a prolonged economic downturn, Uncle
Chin is beaming with pride for the gargantuan
economic growth, hitherto, unparallel in world
history. Today the Chinese are no longer going to
bed hungry. However, many in the country are
experiencing a void induced by another type of
hunger: SPIRITUAL HUNGER. So, I can now envision
His Holiness giving Kalachakra sermon some day in
Tiananmen Square , in front of the poster of Mao
who had once coo cooed into Kundun’s ear that
religion was poison. Look who was talking? Guess
he who laughs last laughs the best.

I believe many of China "astute leaders realized
this void, and tried to find a remedy for it,
though adamantly opposed by the hardliners who
are still not in tune with the rest of the major
players round the globe. But then nothing in the
world of impermanence remains the same. As such,
in recent days I’m hearing and seeing a flurry
of new developments in China as well as within
our TGIE, which all indicate the validity of
Nechung’s prophesy that Kundun would visit Tibet and China in 2012.

There were many signs that were out of the norm.
Our Katri's statement that the spiritual welfare
of denizens within the PRC was of top importance,
profusely hailing Ngaphod as a patriot, and Tibet
issue is the internal affair of PRC. About two
months back a deputy minister of India visited
Dharamsala, ostensibly to convey a message to
H.H. and the TGIE to tone down their rhetoric
against Beijing . In hind sight, I now believe
there was something more to it; perhaps, a
message from the Chinese Embassy, New Delhi
toward some form of rapprochement between China
and the Gangchenpas. Normally, government
officials keep such political matters hushed.
This time when they announced the purpose of the
trip to Dhasa, the true message was hidden; a
political ploy to disguise the actual message, I suspect.

Also, Kundun's statement for the first time in
latter part of July that Tibet was part of China
, and his further reiteration to that effect when
interviewed during his recent trip to Manali,
Himachal Pradesh when Kundun was interviewed by
some Indian media personnel. This new
announcement should satisfy one of the two
conditions, set by Jiang Zemin during Bill
Clinton’s visit to Beijing in about 1997. And
his recent statement in Budapest that he was an
optimist and would return to Tibet with a Chinese
passport, as reported by Time magazine. In an
article in WTNN it was also mentioned that
Kundun’s home village is now fully renovated
with funds and green light from the state.
Xinhua, the Chinese official media paper also
mentioned a message from a Gongpo (Kundun's
nephew), "if H.H. is back all problem will be solved."

This is an aberration on the part of Xinhua,
which immediately after the 2008 peaceful
demonstrations in all of greater Tibet blasted
our Kundun with a litany of anachronistic name
callings, and a plethora of denigrating epithets.
I've also heard and observed on July 14, 15, and
August 16, 2009 -- during the uprisings in
Xinjiang -- Yang Rui, the Larry King of CCTV
addressed our Kundun as the Dalai Lama, His
Holiness which too was an anomaly.  Initially, I
couldn’t believe my eyes and ears when I was so
used to hearing Dalai this and Dalai that. Now
this! Communist Chinese addressing our Kundun as
His Holiness. Things are changing for sure. So,
it appears something is definitely cooking for
some sort of reconciliation which is way over
due. Now the timing is right, and we remain
steadfast and optimistic for a solution to our plight.

Many of our folks will welcome such a scenario
after decades of perpetual eclipse, especially
our brethrens in Tibet, but there will be some
broken hearts for sure, and few who not only want
the cake and but eat it, and want another one.
Personally, I believe if this materializes it
will be beneficial for all Tibetans and Chinese,
and also the neighboring countries, India , in
particular. Also, Tibetans can no longer be
bullied by one of our neighbors which had used
its population prowess against Tibet for
centuries, especially, in the latter part of the eighteenth century.

If this rapprochement between the two translates
into something real meaningful, then it is a
win-win accomplishment for both, and the world in
working toward peace with dialogue instead of
saber rattling; embellishing the century with
dialogue for global peace. Yes, China will then
begin to earn the respect from the world
community, which she acutely craves for. It’s
important to keep in mind that respect cannot be
demanded but must be earned. In the mean time, we
Tibetans must remain united together without
bickering among ourselves due to differences of
our views or philosophical beliefs, etc. And,
China should release all the political prisoners
starting with Ronggye Adrak. In short, for many
of China ’s ills today despite its greatest
leap forward, His Holiness, the Dalai Lama is the consummate ANTIDOTE.

Ngayi Tsewoe phayul quawa jong yin
Ngayi jamgyi mayul choedhen shing yin
Ngayi tsawai lama Tenzin Gyatso yin
Ngayi nyingi norbu Tenzin Gyatso yin

Rangwang (freedom) for all humanity.
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