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Pali-Sanskrit-Tibetan dictionary in offing

October 8, 2010

Central Tibetan Administration (CTA)
October 5, 2010,

Dharamshala: The University of Pune's Pali
department in joint collaboration with the
Central University of Tibetan Studies, Sarnath,
will bring out the first-ever trilingual Pali-Sanskrit-Tibetan dictionary.

"Buddhist studies cannot be done properly by
knowing only one of the languages. Most Buddhist
literature available today are either in Tibetan
or Chinese; there is a great need for a
dictionary that can be consulted simultaneously —
taking Pali as base and Sanskrit and Tibetan as
parallels. We will also be including the English
meanings for reference," Pali department head and
project coordinator MA Deokar was quoted as saying by The Indian Express.

The University Grant Commission (UGC), which is
funding the project, has allotted funds of nearly
Rs 9 lakh, taking into account the size of the
project that needs a lot of in-depth study of the languages.

"Usually, the UGC does not give such huge funds
and manpower for projects. But since I am a
special case, they gave me two additional
assistants. Also, I am being helped by two
members from the Tibetan University, Sarnath,”
said Deokar, who is visually-impaired.

"We do not have any trained Tibetan staff here.
The people from Sarnath are honourary members and
are not present here at all times. For a project
of this magnitude, we need the constant help of
experts, which we are not getting,” he added.

Almost 50 per cent of the work has already been
completed and the group claims that the project will be completed by June 2011.

"We are trying to complete the work as soon as we
can. However, if we are not able to meet the
deadline, we will apply for an extension. We also
wanted to include Chinese in the dictionary
because many Buddhist literature are also
available in Chinese. We will not be able to do
that in the first phase, but are definitely
thinking of working on it in the second phase," Deokar added.
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