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Press release: Appeal letter to Norwegian Government

October 8, 2010

Norwegian Tibet Committee
October 5, 2010

Appeal letter to Norwegian Government
Press release

Oslo 5.10 2010

Norwegian NGOs  wrote to Norwegian Government to
condemn the Government of Nepal for Preventing
and Abusing the Tibetans in Exile to Exercise the Right toVote.
cc:   Ambassador Dr. Suresh Chandra Chalise Embassy of Nepal, UK

An appeal Letter to the Norwegian Government to
Condemn the Government of Nepal for Preventing
and Abusing the Tibetans in Exile to Exercise the Right to Vote

On 3rd of October was the day for all the
Tibetans in exile all over the world to exercise
their right to vote. All the Tibetans in exile
around the world went to cast their ballots to
nominate candidates for the post of Tibetan Prime
Minister and the Tibetan Parliament-in-exile.

Tibetans in Norway were so excited and delighted
to exercise this greatest of human rights 3
October at the Human Rights House. 76% of the
Tibetans living in Norway cast their vote  and
the whole process were put into reality based on
the poll system of Norway when we go to vote for
the parliament and commune election.

While the Tibetans were practicing this most
democratic action in Norway peacefully, our other
Tibetan fellow people in Nepal were being
violated by the Nepali Police. Nepalese police
arrived in full riot gear at the three polling
booths in Kathmandu, the region's capital, and
ransacked the polling booths. The police took
away ballot boxes an hour before the voting was to complete .

This is an abuse of human rights and violation of
the right to vote in the free world.

The undersigned NGOs therefore urge the Norwegian
Government to condemn the Government of Nepal who
exercised such action, abuse and violation
against the Tibetan people living in Nepal.

Norwegian Tibet Committee
Amnesty International Norway
Norwegian Burma Committee
Norwegian Helsinki  Committee
Health and Human Rights Info
FIAN Norge (Food First Information and Action Network)
Fokus ( Forum for Women and Depelopment)
Human Rights House Foundation

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