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Rare photographs of Tibet sold for 38,400 pounds in UK

October 13, 2010

MSN News (India)
October 7, 2010

London, Oct 6 (PTI) -- An album of rare photographs of Tibet taken by
well-known British photographer John White during Younghusband''s
Mission to the country in 1903-04 was sold for 38,400 pounds at
Bonham''s India and Beyond Sale here.

In a sale which made over 250,000 pounds in total, high prices were
also achieved for an album of 15 early images by photographer Andrew
Neill of important cultural sites in Karnataka which made 33,600
against an estimate of 4,000-6,000 pounds.

A series of stunning images of Native American life by the 19th
century photographer Karl John Hillers also sold well with over 4,000
pounds paid for ''The Women''s Dance'' showing women from the Hopi
people dancing at the village of Oraibi in Arizona.

Head of Bonhams Book department, David Park said: "The India and
Beyond sale has a reputation for unearthing the rare and unusual.
These were all high quality works eagerly sought after by collectors
and the prices reflect the strong level of interest both in the early
history of photography and the lost worlds captured in these images."
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