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Tibet Demonstration Pressures China

October 13, 2010
Posted October 7, 2010

Tibet continues to be the focal point of EU foreign policy chief
Baroness Ashton following the International Campaign for Tibet
benefit, which dispersed following the Oct. 4-6 summit. Ashton is
said to have met with Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao at the event,
though specific details are still coming to light.

"Baroness Ashton has visited China twice and has a good understanding
of the political situation, including knowledge of the repression in
Tibet," Vincent Metten, EU Policy Director of the International
Campaign for Tibet, issued in a statement. "These are issues of great
concern for the European public including many Parliamentarians."

Repression, according to the EU, includes a restraint on the exercise
of "political, religious, economic and social rights." Now it seems
basic living conditions are coming into question.

An outbreak of pneumonic plague in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous
Region was detected Sept. 23, and the victim died from severe lung
infections, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

Four other people in Latok Township, in China's Nyingchi Prefecture,
also contracted the disease, but were in stable condition, the report said.

Latok Township was quarantined, and people leaving the area were
being examined for the disease at road checkpoints. An unnamed
official at the CDC said authorities are looking for more cases in Latok.

The plague's source has not been determined, and health officials
were educating residents about the disease. Pneumonic plague is a
lung infection, and is a rare, but deadly form of plague.

Two people died in a previous pneumonic plague outbreak in Nangxian
County in Sept. 2008, the report said.

Source: UPI, International Campaign for Tibet

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