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Tibetan Leader: Beijing is afraid of Liu's voice and wants to silence him

October 14, 2010

The prime minister of the Tibetan government in
exile says that this award "encourages democracy
advocates in China and the world." Liu is a
"sincere friend" of the Tibetans, who has always
defended against Communist repression. Beijing
rules with repression, but people want democracy and rights.
Nirmala Carvalho
October 9, 2010

Dharamsala (AsiaNews) - "Awarding the Nobel Prize
for Peace to activist Liu Xiaobo encourages all
defenders of democracy in China and around the
world." So says Samdhong Rinpoche, Kalon Tripa
(Prime Minister) of the Tibetan Government in
exile, in an interview with AsiaNews about the
importance of the prize awarded yesterday to Liu
Xiaobo, the Chinese democracy dissident, who is
serving a sentence of 11 years in prison, as
among the authors of the document Charter 08
calling for greater democracy and respect for human rights in China.

Prof. Rinpoche is radiant. "First we want to
express - he says - appreciation of the Norwegian
Nobel Committee, who did not succumb to the
pressures from the 'Big Brother'. They remained
steadfast, despite the pressures to the contrary
and awarded the prize to the Chinese democracy activist Liu Xiaobo."

AsiaNews points out to Prof. Rinpoche that the
Chinese government has strongly criticized the
decision, saying, among other things, that it has
been awarded to a convicted felon and does not
reflect the spirit for which the prize was established.

"The Chinese communist government -- responds
Rinpoche - has no legitimate role and this
government uses fear, repression and suppression.
The Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo is the 'voice' that
the Chinese government fears, the voice that the
Chinese Communist Party considers a threat
against which it will use punishment, torture and
imprisonment to silence it. Today, we
congratulate the Nobel Committee for having given voice to this 'Voice'. "

"Freedom, justice and equality are inborn rights
of every person and this was confirmed with the
Peace Prize." "The Tibetan people in Tibet are
repressed, but have not lost their spirit in
spite of the Chinese government policy that is
implementing a systematic cultural genocide. "

"This award is an encouragement for the Tibetans
in Tibet that sooner or later they will see
justice done. Liu Xiaobo is a sincere friend of
Tibet. In the past he urged the Chinese
government to change its policy towards Tibet and
after the 2008 protests in Tibet [repressed by
the Chinese army with hundreds of deaths and
thousands of arrests and martial law that is
still ongoing in a region, ed] helped write
'Twelve tips on how to deal with the situation of
Tibet', which says that freedom of expression and
other rights need to be respected in Tibet".

Regarding rumors that Liu has converted to
Christianity, Rinpoche says that "we want freedom
of religion, freedom to choose a religion
according to conscience is a fundamental human
right. We hope and support religious freedom".

"This great honor will attract global attention
to the Chinese democracy movement. We hope that
this award will push the heads of governments and
world leaders to not only aim for economic gains
and trade ties, but also give greater attention
to humanity’s aspiration for spiritual freedom,
religious freedom and democracy."
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