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Tibet, A Story Yet Untold

October 19, 2010

Andres Meren Molier
Morung Express
October 17, 2010

McLeod Ganj a part of Dharamsala, in Himachal
Pradesh is a brilliant place to visit on a
holiday. My best friend a British guy asked me to
come visit him in McLeod for a week. I seized the
opportunity and headed for McLeod on a holiday
for backpacking. Phew! Hundreds of yellow faces
stared at me as I walked looking for a hotel.
They asked me if I was Philippians or a Mexican.
I smiled and replied, “Nope. But where are you
from, there are plainly too many of you!”

Ah! Let your mind jive and deliberately linger on
some questions. Who are these yellow faces? Some
mere mental calculation and postulation isn’t
enough to confer you with an answer. There is
something just more than “Tibet”. My work imposes
constant travel around the country. And, as I go
places, I had casual encounter with hundreds of
Tibetans. But two months ago, my perception
towards Tibetans went through a total wash.

Clouds of ambiguity hovered around when I was
told that they are "Tibetans." No doubt, that
barbed my holiday spirit. But, I wanted to
discover more, which came with a bundle of agony.
Why on earth would someone walk the Himalayan
Mountains for 40 days without food and water? The
answer is simple; in hunt for a comfortable life
(I rather not say, scamper from the Chinese Tyranny).

McLeod Ganj is a refugee camp for Tibetans in
Exile, sheltered under the Government of India.
Everyday, I spoke with somebody new around the
town and was told a new privation. The Communist
Chinese has killed over 3 million Tibetans under
different circumstances, that hurts I gathered.
More than 60, 000 Tibetans live in Exile today in
different parts of the world. Human Rights! I
don’t want to mention. Hundreds of Tibetans
living in Exile become monks and nuns to secure a shelter, food and clothing.

I was told that, Western countries are a
shoulder, but they have grown to be just "Paper
Heroes." They feel that, the United Nations,
European Union, NATO, Americans and WHO are more
focused on Iraq and Afghanistan issues.
Alongside, the swelling of the Chinese markets
globally has so curtailed the western voice for
Tibet. Their hopes for a peaceful Tibet peter out
slowly. A cry that is no longer heard and all
buoyancy is rested on His Holiness Dalai Lama.

Periodical voluntary from the western travelers
are the only answer at the moment. All they want
is protection of their Identity, Culture and
Peace from the Chinese oppression. I extend my
stay for two months and as I leave McLeod, I
promised I got a story to tell the world. I am
only a traveler and a writer, sharing my experience with you.
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