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In Ga., Dalai Lama urges science, religion balance

October 19, 2010

Associated Press
October 17, 2010

ATLANTA -- The Dalai Lama is visiting a
university program in Georgia that aims to foster
a balance between science and spirituality.

The exiled Tibetan spiritual leader spoke at a
news conference Sunday at Emory University in
Atlanta, home to the Emory-Tibet Science Initiative, now in its third year.

The program is working on a science curriculum
for Buddhist monks and nuns in India. Emory
president James W. Wagner on Sunday presented the
Dalai Lama with science textbooks translated into Tibetan.

During a three-day visit, the Dalai Lama will
teach, lecture and receive an update on the initiative.

The Dalai Lama is a presidential distinguished
professor at Emory -- the only university
appointment he has accepted. He last visited the campus
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