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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."

SFT UW - Madison members asked to leave local China forum

October 25, 2010

By Kathryn Weenig
Daily Cardinal
October 21, 2010

Members of UW-Madison's Students for a Free Tibet
and other local Free Tibet activists were asked
to leave Madison's China Town Hall event Monday
for allegedly disrupting a discussion.

Madison participated in the international event
held by the National Committee on US- China
Relations to facilitate dialogue about
Sino-American ties with a focus on energy issues.

Director of Madison Center of Foreign Relations
Caroline Garber said she took the microphone from
Students for a Free Tibet member Gabriel
Feinstein when she felt his presentation
contradicted the event's non-partisan mission.

Feinstein and the other activists were then asked
to leave. Feinstein continued speaking as he
exited the room, and a fellow activist held a
banner that read "Human Rights in Tibet Now!"

In September, The National Committee on US-China
Relations held an honorary dinner for Premier of
the State Council of the People's Republic of China Wen Jiabao in New York.

Due to Jiabao's opposition to the liberation of
Tibet, the relationship between Jainbo and the
National Committee drew the activists to the Madison forum.

Garber said the activists were asked to leave
because of their manner rather than content.

"I had expected him to speak about something that
was totally non-partisan -- something that was
fairly bland," Garber said. "This is not a forum
for people getting on their soapbox. It's more of
a forum for the exchange of ideas and
information. It's not because it was on Tibet."

Feinstein said the town hall was not bipartisan
in the first place if the issue of Tibet was not allowed into the discussion.

"We were prepared to discuss and not make a
scene," said Feinstein. "We were silenced, and
that's when the banner came out."

Tenzin Wangzor, who held the banner, said human
rights violations, specifically within Tibet,
should be discussed amongst Sino-American relations.

"The US should put pressure on China," said
Wangzor. "It should send a message that human
rights should be part of the topic."
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