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Tibetan and Supporters Saddened by Mid-Day Mumbai Article

December 4, 2010

Wednesday, 01 December 2010
YC. Dhardhowa,
The Tibet Post International

Dharamshala: Tibetans living in exile, Indian supporters and Members of the Tibetan Youth Congress and Students for a free Tibet deeply saddened and disappointed by an article published by Mid-Day Mumbai that has "cruelly crushed religious sentiments of the Buddhist Community," said a statement issued on 1st December by a group of Tibetan and Indian students.

"We the Tibetans and Indian students supporting a free Tibet are immensely shocked and deeply hurt by the article published in Mid-day on 28th November 2010 entitled "Is the Dalai Lama a bad guy?" by John Walsh. The article is misleading and demeaning, attacking Holiness the Dalia Lama and his role in TTibetan and Supporters Saddened by Mid-Day Mumbai Article
ibetan freedom struggle. This article had grossly misinterpreted Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama role as a representative of human rights and has mocked the idea of freedom struggle. His role as promoter of peace, harmony for better society for global world has been overlooked.

He has been traveling around the world for the promotion of human values and garnered support for not for just Tibetan people who are suffering under cruel and unjust rule of Peoples Republic of China but also for other countries such as Burma .This article has turned a blind eye on the plight of Tibetan people and continues violation of human rights in Tibet.

His Holiness not only represents aspiration of Tibetan people for freedom and nationhood among the global world but also represents aspiration of peoples all over the world for peace, compassion and a better world for tomorrow. He is considered as a symbol of Buddhism by people across the globe.

This is to submit our disappointment towards the MID-DAY, which has carelessly made a strike at people's religious beliefs and questioned the hope for a free country for Tibetan refugees, who consider DALAI LAMA as a living God. It has hurt the sentiments of Tibetan and Buddhist followers across the world.

The writer, John Walsh should have concentrated on more important and relevant issues concerning border dispute between India and People's Republic of China such as Arunachal Pradesh issue and water issue between the two countries, especially when a talk on INDO-SINO relation is in process at New-Delhi.

We are very hurt by these actions of a well known, credible news paper, which is misuse of free press and freedom of expression. We seek apology from the writer John Walsh and Mid-Day press. Also we humbly request the media across the nation to bring our voices to the people all over, on the issue of Tibetan Freedom, Language Rights in Tibet. We hope our Indian brother and sisters and the Press bring forward issues of Border, National Security and water problems that persist due to Chinese government's policies in Tibet."
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