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Take Action for Tibet this Human Rights Day!

December 10, 2010

London, 9 December 2010 (ITSN)

Dear Friends of Tibet,

We want to thank everyone who has sponsored a tile on "Put Tibet Back on the Map". With your help, we have so far raised over £1,000 towards our effective campaigns to help the Tibetan people realise their political aspirations, and bring an end to China's occupation.

Today, the eve of International Human Rights Day, Tibet campaigners from around the world are preparing to honour Liu Xiaobo, this year's Nobel Peace Prize winner and a true supporter of democracy, human rights, and of Tibet. Tibetans and Tibet Supporters are taking part in a 'Free Liu Xiaobo, Free Tibetan Heroes' campaign, part of which is an email/fax action to the world's most influential leaders calling on them to stand up to China and speak out for freedom and justice.

To date more than 15,000 emails and faxes have been sent - each one helping to claim justice for the Tibetan people and all those who believe in freedom of speech worldwide. We thank all the individuals who have sent these urgent messages but we also need to do much more, for which we need your help.

By sponsoring one tile, for just £5, we can pay for another 30 faxes to Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper urging him to stand up for all prisoners of conscience in China.

By uncovering two tiles, for £10, we can send 60 faxes to US President Barack Obama demanding he seek the immediate release of Liu Xiaobo and all the heroic Chinese and Tibetan human rights defenders that remain in prison.

And by sponsoring 20 tiles, for £100, we can provide translations of this urgent action into different languages, so that the Tibet movement can reach thousands more people and ask them to take action.

Please sponsor as many tiles as you can possibly afford, for yourself or as a gift for friends and loved ones this holiday season. Help us to Put Tibet Back on the Map.

With thanks and best wishes,

International Tibet Network and Students for a Free Tibet UK

PS if you want to take part in the email/fax action yourself, go to, but please, please don't forget to donate to Put Tibet Back on the Map as well!
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