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Every penny accounted for: Karmapa lawyer

February 1, 2011

Lalit Mohan
Tribune News Service

Dharamsala, January 30
The office of the 17th Karmapa, Ugyen Trinley Dorjee, today tried to
clear the air regarding the Tibetan leader’s Chinese connection and
foreign currency recovered from his monastery.

The Karmapa’s lawyer, Naresh Mathur, said every penny collected by the
police from the Kagyu monastery is accounted for.

“The foreign disciples of Karmapa make offering in their respective
currencies when they visit him here. In 2003, we had provided
information to the Enforcement Directorate of the Income Tax Department
regarding the offerings made by visitors in foreign currency,” he claimed.

“We have applied to the Indian government for getting the offerings
received in foreign currency legalised. The application is pending,” he

Mathur also said Karmapa did not have any direct connection with cash
offerings made to him. “The staff posted at Karmapa monastery used to
deposit money at Lovrang bank, a Tibetan establishment,” said Mathur.

A spokesman of the Karmapa, Topden Tsering, said the theories regarding
Chinese links of their leader were baseless. He added there were five
reasons behind the Karmapa leaving China.

The first reason was that despite the fact that China has recognised
him, there was pressure on the Karmapa to recognise the Panchen Lama
installed by the Chinese government. Secondly, the Karmapa was heading
the Kagyu school of Tibetan Budhism, but all the teachers of this
lineage lived in India. Thirdly, he wanted to see the Dalai Lama. The
Karmapa also wanted to visit the Rumtek monastery in Sikkim, the seat of
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