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Kalon Tripa addresses Tibetans and Tibet Supports in Zurich

February 22, 2011

The Office of Tibet, Geneve

Zurich, 20 February: Kalon Tripa Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche arrived in
Zurich, Switzerland on 18 February evening. The Tibetan Swiss Friendship
Association and the Tibetan Community in Liechtenstein and Switzerland
invited Kalon Tripa.

On 19 February morning, the council members of the Tibetan Youth
Association in Europe called on Kalon Tripa at the hotel. They thanked
Kalon Tripa for his many years of dedicated service to the Tibetan
issue. They briefed him of their activities in creating awareness about
the Tibetan Elections, Tibetan language classes for their own members
and other political activities.

“You all are doing tremendous work for the Tibetan issue. I appreciate
your great motivation and determination,” he said.

In the afternoon, Kalon Tripa addressed Tibetan Swiss Friendship
Association’s Annual General Body meeting in Zurich.

“I take this opportunity to express our gratitude on behalf of 6 million
people of Tibet to all of you and through you to the international
community in general and people of Switzerland in particular,” said
Kalon Tripa. “Switzerland was the first Western country to invite a
large number of Tibetan refugees for resettlement and these settlers
have been the happiest among the Tibetan Diaspora... We will never
forget the kindness of Swiss people and government for their help
offered when we were badly in need of it.”

Then he spoke about the democratic system practiced by the Tibetans in
exile and contribution of the Tibet Support Groups’ to the Tibetan
struggle and their relevance in the future.

The Tibetan Swiss Friendship Association was established in 1983 to
foster closer relationship between the growing Tibetan Community and the
Swiss people.

Kalon Tripa addressed a packed hall of Tibetan Community in
Liechtenstein and Switzerland members on 20 February morning.

In his opening address, Kalon Tripa thanked the Tibetan community on
behalf of the Kashag for their support. He said that the Tibetan
diaspora were living in about 55 countries across the world. As the
Tibetan Community in Switzerland is largest in Europe, Kalon Tripa said
that the community has a greater responsibility and role in the Tibetan

He emphasized the importance of the younger generation speaking Tibetan
language. He said that parents have a big role to play in ensuring their
children speak Tibetan language and learn Tibetan culture.

At the same time, he said he personally knows many Tibetans who don’t
speak Tibetan language, but are very patriotic and dedicated to the
Tibetan issue. However, he said able to speak Tibetan is an added

The question and answer session covered Sino-Tibetan dialogue, Dhanglang
Chatrel, Tibetan Communities, financial and education affairs of the
Central Tibetan Administration.

Over 450 Tibetans listened to Kalon Tripa initial address for about 20
minutes and followed by one and half ours of questions and answer session.
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