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China’s mining conditions probe in Yushu, Tibet, manipulated

November 11, 2013

November 10, 2013 - China’s central government had sent journalists and researchers to investigate conditions in the Tibetan populate Dzatoe (Chinese: Zaduo) County of Yushu Prefecture, Qinghai Province, following reports of environmentally destructive mining in the area, but apparently only under the guidance or supervision of the local authorities, according to a Radio Free Asia (Washington) report Nov 7.

“Some groups of reporters tried to visit the mines, but they were not taken to places where Chinese miners are actually extracting minerals,” the report quoted a source with contacts in Dzatoe as saying. “Instead, they were taken to other sites in an attempt to convince them that mining is not harming the local environment.”

The source, named as Konchog Dondrub, has also said county officials also prevented the group from speaking freely to area residents, arranging instead for people of their own choosing to be interviewed. He has said the reporters never met with local Tibetans who had protested against Chinese mining at three sites in their area over Aug 15-16 earlier this year.

 It was not clear whether the investigators were sent in response to the major Tibetan protests at the three sites of Atoe, Dzachen, and Chidza.

Meanwhile, three new village heads appointed by the local authorities in place of the three they had sacked for protesting against the police brutality during the violent suppression of the anti-mining protest have refused to take the job, the report said.

 The report continued that the Chinese authorities had ordered one of the sacked village heads, named as Khetsa Soetob, to surrender to the police or face death or life sentences. It did not say why they wanted him to surrender. The three villages have been named as Atoe, Dzachen, and Chidza. 


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