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Dr Pema Dorjee concludes speaking tour of South America

September 22, 2007

by Office of Tibet, New York
Friday, 21 September 2007

New York: Dr Pema Dorjee, one of the senior most physicians of the
Dharamshala-based Tibetan Medical Institute, successfully concluded a
three-week speaking tour to Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia
in South America.

The tour was organized by the Central Tibetan Administration's Liaison
Officer for Latin America, Mr Tsewang Phuntso, in collaboration with the
Federal University of Sao Paulo's School of Medicine and Association
Palas Athena in Brazil, Kagyu Tekchen Choling in Argentina, Coporacion
Cultural Tibetana in Chile, Peruvian Tibetan Cultural Association and
Peruvian University of Medical Sciences (Cayetano Heredia) in Peruand
FPMT Center in Colombia.

Mr Tsewang Phuntso accompanied Dr Pema Dorjee during his speaking tour.

During the five-day visit in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Dr Dorjee gave a
three-day extension course on Tibetan medicine at the Federal University
of Sao Paulo's School of Medicine from 2 September. He spoke on
practical introduction to the Tibetan medical system; therapeutic
aspects of the Tibetan medical system; and the approach of Tibetan
medical system to cardio-vascular, gastric, and nervous system.

The course was attended by 72 university professors, researchers,
post-doctoral students and a few invited guests of Association Palas Athena.

On 5 September, he delivered an open lecture at the university attended
by 400 university teaching staff, researchers, and students and others
interested in Tibetan culture.

The program at the Federal University of Sao Paulo's School of Medicine
is an outcome of the agreement signed between the university and Office
of Tibet last year during His Holiness the Dalai Lama's visit to Brazil
to undertake a collaborative program to explore the interface between
Mind and Body and its effect of Health.'

This collaborative work is currently partnered by the Federal University
of Sao Paulo's School of Medicine, Association Palas Athena, the Library
of Tibetan Works and Archive, and the Tibetan Medical and Astrology
Institute. It is coordinated by the Office of Tibet in New York.

While in Sao Paulo, Dr. Dorjee also visited various research departments
of the university and the Brain Institute of the Albert Einstein Jewish
Hospital (AEIH), Latin America's most advanced private hospital.

During the second leg of visit in Buenos Aires, Argentina from September
7 to 9, Dr. Dorjee delivered a talk on 'Role of individual food habit
and life style on personal health,' at the Argentinean medical council.
This was followed by another talk at Kagyu Thekchen Choling, each talk
attended by 100 to 125 people.

In Santiago, Chile, from 10 -12 September, Dr Dorjee spoke on 'Tibetan
approach to depression' to 24 psychiatrists and 38 psychologists of the
Department of Psychiatry at the University of Chile's Faculty of Medicine.

He also gave a talk at the University of Americas, Instituto de
Formacion Transpersonal Integral (IFTI) and Tribeca Culture Center. More
than 300 people attended these talks.

He also gave an exclusive interview to the 'El Mercurio', Chile's
conservative national daily which enjoys the largest circulation.

Dr. Dorjee delivered three talks on Tibetan medicine at the Peruvian
University of Medical Sciences (Cayetano Heredia), during his 3-day
visit in Lima, Peru from 13 to 15 September.

During the last leg of his visit in Colombian capital Bogota from 16 to
18 September, he spoke on 'Tibetan medical approach to keep the body in
balance' at Bogota Royal Hotel. The talk was organized by the Santa Fe
Medical Foundation of Bogota for their members, and around 80 people
attended the lecture.

He also delivered talks at the Javeriana University, a private higher
education institution founded in 1623 by the Society of Jesus, and
Yamantaka Buddhist center.

He left for India on 19 September, after successfully concluding his
visit in five South American countries.

--Report filed by Office of Tibet, New York

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