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Amazing art exhibition in Delhi

September 22, 2007

The Times of India
22 Sep 2007
Dharamshala was the subject of the photographs and, as chance would have
it, a monk walked in to admire the works too.


Arjun Sawhney recently curated an art show and showcased the works of
two talented photographers, Ayesha Kapur and Siya Singh. Dharamshala was
the subject of the photographs and, as chance would have it, a monk
walked in to admire the works too. Arjun admitted that he was an avid
art lover, and has been collecting art since he was 18. He explained why
he chose Dharamshala, "Goa is a hot destination now, and 20 years ago it
had a certain innocence to it. I see that naivete in Dharamshala now -
you can mingle with the Israelis , chill out with the Tibetans and catch
up with the firangs who visit the place for a brush with spirituality.
It's famous all over the world because of the Dalai Lama, but it still
is that cold yet warm place in the Himalayas ."


Ayesha said that her works on Dharamshala were very close to reality .
"I went to nightclubs, get-togethers and interacted with the youth
there. I was happy to find that the youth everywhere feels the same way
ab o u t things," she said. Siya was busy receiving congratulations from
the guests and she enjoyed the do to the T. She couldn't help but shake
a leg to the music that


Avantika Haksar has moved on after her break up with Amaan "Sometimes
things that you don't want happen… but one has to move on. And I have
moved on in life," she told us. Working as a lawyer, Avantika said that
she has been busy with work and that's the reason she couldn't catch any
of the shows during the recent fashion week. played in the background.


Designer Gaurav Gupta walked in to see the works and looked casual in
black. "Big bags are considered trendy. I like the one I'm sporting
now," said Gaurav, adding, "I recently shifted to Noida . The latest is
that I'm doing a trade show in Paris next year and that was what I
really wanted."


Kalyani Chawla had had a busy day at work, but she walked in for a dekko
nevertheless. On catching up with her, Kalyani said, "Photography is
another aspect of art and I'm glad people are appreciating it. These
works in particular are full of humour and I like them for that."


Jewellery designer Fanny is aware that people can make fun of her name,
and she laughed them away airily. "I am French, and in my language,
Fanny is a legendary name - it is like Radha-Krishna in Hindi ," explained



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