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Not concerned about athletes

April 20, 2008

Times-Standard, CA - Letters to the editor

I beg to differ with your views on the Bejing Olympics and Tibet. The
modern Olympics do not and should not occur in a vacuum, void of the
world's real issues. And when it comes to China's occupation of Tibet,
and Tibetans finding an international venue to makes their voices heard
loud and clear, it's yours truly, the media, that we have to thank.

Our international institutions, the U.N., the international court at the
Hague, and others have been hamstrung by lack of donor support,
manipulation and snubbing. Where to turn to have your voice heard?

The Tibetans, and those who support them, have found a voice through one
of the greatest media events the world has ever known, the Olympics.
Every city who has ever bid to host the Olympics in modern media times
knows that they do so to their own benefit, and at their own peril.
China has rolled the dice, let the games begin.

Lastly, I'm not too concerned about the athletes, some of the ones who
win will get rich -- they often do. Athletes will either stay home or go
home in the end, the boot of China still likely on the throat of the
Tibetan people and culture.

Christopher Turner
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