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Tibet Demonstration Updates

April 22, 2008

Monday, 21 April 2008, 5:30 p.m. Update for Monday, 21 April 2008, last
updated 2 PM (IST) Re: Tibet Demonstrations

12 April 2008

Dartsedo (Ch: Kangding), Karze "Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture," Sichuan
province - Monastery heads condemn "patriotic re-education" classes
during meeting

Monastery heads from 18 Counties in Karze "TAP" were called for a
meeting held in Dartsedo (the location for Karze "TAP" Headquarters).
The purpose of the meeting was mainly to enforce guidance for conducting
"patriotic re-education" classes.

During the meeting, three of the head Lamas said that if the "patriotic
re-education" classes are implemented then the Tibetan people would lose
tolerance and the situation would turn unfavorable. If the authorities
had any concern for the Tibetan public then they should immediately stop
the "patriotic re-education" classes or the heads of the monasteries
cannot bear the responsibilities for unfavourable situations that may
arise. Other heads of monasteries joined in for support.

The heads of monasteries decision to unanimously disapprove the
"patriotic re-education" campaign during the meeting, has lead to the
Chinese authorities putting the "anti-Dalai clique" signature campaign
on temporary hold.

Armed Forces deployed at various monasteries have still not been
withdrawn. In addition, members of Armed Forces dressed in civilian
clothes patrol the monastery compounds on a daily basis.

No Specific Date

Monetary incentives and prostitutes being used to lure and arrest more

The Chinese government has started to use various influences such as
monetary incentives and prizes and even the prostitutes, to arrest
Tibetan people alleged to have been involved in the recent demonstrations.

Many Tibetans who have had no involvement in the demonstrations were
arrested on baseless charges. Some are being released after a fine has
been paid.

The "TAR" Higher People's Court, People's Procuratorates and the Public
Security Department have issued a wanted list of people allegedly
involved in the recent demonstrations. An announcement/circular has been
issued. The circular says that those who provide information leading to
the arrest of people on the wanted list or any other persons involved
the demonstrations would receive bounties of 20,000 Yuan.

The circular also says that anyone who provides information on Tibetans
injured during the recent protest in Tibet is to be awarded a sum of
5,000 Yuan.

Moreover, anyone who provides information leading to the arrests of
informants making contacts to India and the outside world is to be
awarded a sum of 20,000 Yuan.

A sum of 100,000 Yuan is to be awarded to those who provide confirmed
information about the ring-leaders of the recent demonstrations. These
announcements reveal China's plan to further intensify their crackdown
on the protestors by making as many arrests as possible.

In Mangra (Ch: Guinan) County of Tsolho "TAP", Qinghai Province, Chinese
prostitutes are being used to lure arrests of people involved in the
recent protests in Tibet.

Sangchu (Ch: Xiahe) County, Kanlho "Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,"
Gansu Province- China showing no signs of slowing down "Patriotic
re-education" campaign

Since 12 and 13 April, many officials from the Prefecture and County
level Governments have been conducting "Patriotic re-education" classes
in this Tibetan area.

Sangchu (Ch: Xiahe) County, Kanlho "Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,"
Gansu Province - Injured and arrested list continues to build up

On 15 March, 18 and 23 there were several protests held in Bora Township
and Sangchu County. During the March 18 protest, head injuries and
broken legs have been reported. Among those who sustained injuries a few
names can be confirmed. They are, Kathup Tsering, age 45; Nyingchup
Gyal, age 27; Tashi Dorjee, age 51 and Bhenthey Khar, age 23.

Many arrests have been made from 23 March to 15 April. Lhagho Kyap, a
teacher from a local school, was among the many arrested.

On 15 April, local police arrived at Bora monastery, Bora Township, with
a wanted list comprising of 30 monks. They warned that if these monks
did not surrender, then a thorough search of the monastery would be

Rebkong (Ch: Tongren) County, Malho "Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,"
Qinghai province - Chinese armed forces continue arrests and beating;
whereabouts of many arrestees remain unknown

Tight restrictions were enforced after a huge number of armed forces
arrived at Rongpo monastery on 18 April. The armed forces most likely
are from Hunan province.

 From 17 April till today, over 430 monks and laypeople have been
arrested in Rebgong County. Special police units wearing black uniforms
arrived on 12 April. They severely beat monks at Rongpo monastery and
have been arresting a number of them.

Among the many arrested on 17 April, former Abbot Alag Khatso-tsang,
aged 80, from Rongpo Monastery, was one of them. During his arrest, he
was severely beaten resulting in a head injury and three broken ribs.
While the Armed Forces said that Abbot Alag Khatso-tsang would be taken
to the hospital, his whereabouts are unknown.

Three monks were arrested on 12 April and as mentioned over 430 monks
were arrested on 17 April. While initially these arrestees were taken to
the County prison, the current whereabouts of these arrestees remain

Armed Forces have started to conduct searches even at the smaller
monasteries near Rongpo monastery. For instance, on 18 March, a search
was conducted at Yama Tashi Kyil monastery. The residence of Alak
Drotsang was searched extensively. No arrests were reported on that day.
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