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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."

Detained Tibetan school boys tortured by Chinese authorities

October 6, 2007

Press Release/FTC[Saturday, September 29, 2007 20:32]
Following on from Human Rights Watch reported about the Labrang school
children arrested, we've found out a few more details totday.

Three of the school boys - Lhamo Tsethen, Dolma Kyab and Tsering (Tseko)
Dondhup - have been released. To secure their discharge, their parents
had to pay hefty fines of up to 2000 yuan and to pledge that their sons
would never leave the country or ever again engage in any form of
political activity.

The detained school children were all beaten. In the case of Lhamo
Tsethen the injuries sustained were so severe that he was hospitalised
and is still receiving medical treatment.

Four of the boys - Chopa Kyab, Dukar Tashi, Thade Kyab and Ghobe -
remain in Sanchu (Xiahe) County detention centre.

The seven boys who were arrested are all from nomadic families. On the
day in question, none of them would normally have been at school.
However, parents were informed that children were compelled to attend to
demonstrate to a high ranking Chinese official the progress being made
on education in the area. Parents were informed that they would be fined
if their children failed to attend.

In total 40 students were arrested on suspicion of protesting, although
all but seven were released later the same day.
The incident occurred on 20 September 2007 in Labrang County, Gannan
prefecture, Gansu province.

Free Tibet Campaign is urging supporters and the general public to write
to the Chinese government and UNICEF, requesting the immediate release
of the remaining four school children.

Anne Holmes
Campaigns Manager

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