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Chinese Canadians in Vancouver rally to support Beijing Olympics

April 28, 2008

OTTAWA, April 26 (Xinhua) -- About 5,000 Chinese Canadians gathered
in downtown Vancouver Saturday to voice their support for the Beijing
Olympics and denounce some western media's biased coverage of the riots
in Tibet.

     With the theme of "Condemning The Separatist Violence, Denouncing
The Media Bias, and Supporting The 2008 Olympics," the event started
with a peaceful rally at the Sun Yat Sen Square in the Chinatown in
Vancouver, Canada's gateway to the Pacific.

     Waving the Chinese five-star national flags and Canada's maple leaf
flags, the demonstrators voiced their anger at Tibetan separatists'
violence in Lhasa in March and western media's distorted coverage.

     Zheng Zongli, director of Vancouver Chinese Benevolent Association
(VCBA), told the rally that the March 14 Lhasa riots once again exposed
the Dalai Lama's hypocrisy in claiming peace and non-violence.

     It is the international community's consensus that Tibet is an
inalienable part of China, he said.

     He drew attention to the biased coverage of the Lhasa riots of some
western media, and strongly condemned the anti-Chinese remarks recently
made by CNN commentator Jack Cafferty.

     "Beijing Olympics is a long-cherished dream for all the people of
Chinese origin, we are here today to express our resolute support for
it, and our resolute objection to the Tibetan separatists," Zheng said.

     The rally followed similar events that took place in Canadian major
cities including Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Edmonton, which are homes
to larger Chinese communities.

     On April 13, more than 10,000 Chinese Canadians rallied on
Parliament Hill in Ottawa with a message for Canada and the world: They
oppose Tibetan separatists, support the Beijing Olympics and are
dismayed by the Western media's distorted coverage of China.
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