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The Chinese blame game in Nepal!

May 1, 2008

N.P. Upadhyaya
American Chronicle, CA
April 30, 2008

Kathmandu: The government in Beijing has suddenly become active.

The reason is obvious which is a political one.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry officials in Beijing and the diplomats
posted in Kathmandu´s Chinese embassy were unnerved when all of a sudden
Nepal´s capital became the venue of the anti-China activities of late.

What was interesting of it all that such Pro-Tibetan activities took
place in Nepal´s capital on the eve of the Constituent Assembly elections.

Needless to say, the Pro-Tibet activities that had become a regular
phenomenon for some time in Nepal had the tacit blessings of the Indian
establishment which is not at all a secret.

Though the Indian government made a "lip service" and even warned the
Dalai Lama, now in exile in India, that he would not be allowed to tease
China by being in the Indian Territory. Oh! The clever Indian establishment.

However, the international analysts based in Kathmandu had the knowledge
that India was behind all the Anti-China activities through its
"salaried" cronies in Kathmandu.

The anti-China activities that happened here for quite some time, and
perhaps continues though in a sporadic manner, was also due to the hard
fact that when Kathmandu was observing regular anti-China activities,
the Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Mr. Zheng Xianling was on a holiday trip
to his country.

Had he been here around that time, the anti-China activities could have
been minimized to a greater extent.

A pretty annoyed Beijing then apparently sent its accredited Ambassador
to Nepal immediately which is why the activities aimed at teasing the
Chinese establishment came under control.

Since then the Chinese envoy has met the Indo-pendent Nepal´s PM twice
and expressed his deep concern.

What else he can do except expressing "concerns"?

Some even said that China´s Nepal policy was an abject failure in that
China always believed that Nepal will never allow its soil to be used
against her but contrary to the general understanding, Kathmandu became
the real "venue" for anti-China activities.

Perhaps China has come to its senses and apparently got the point as to
why Kathmandu went berserk with Pro-Tibetan activities and that too all
of a sudden? Better late than never, upon sensing the mood of Kathmandu
and later realizing that Kathmandu government can´t be taken for granted
as usual, Beijing is sending high level teams to Nepal in order to send
messages to the government here that "enough was enough" and that no
further such activities from the Nepali soil be tolerated.

In the process, a high level Chinese Communist party delegation in
Kathmandu visited Kathmandu recently. Analysts say that this Communist
Party delegation has been specially sent to assess the Nepal situation
and also to warn the Nepali authorities that any activities against
China will not be taken in good taste.

The Party delegation met April, 22, 08, with practically all the
top-hats of the Maoists party at Comrade Prachanda´s residence in Buddha

Reports say that the Chinese delegation was assisted by a host of
Chinese embassy officials based in Kathmandu.

What transpired in between the Chinese delegation members and the
top-hats of the Maoists party has not been made public but yet the
Chinese side apparently sought the support of the Maoists in curbing the
anti-China activities in Kathmandu.

The crude reality is that the Maoists party is equally close to the
Indian establishment which the Chinese authorities in Beijing understand.

To boot, just after bagging thumping victory in the CA poll, Comrade
Prachanda and Dr. Bhattarai are reported to have "sneaked" to outgoing
Indian Ambassador, Mukherjee´s residence to "seek" his brilliant
"advice" on how to proceed with the formation of a new government.

Be that as it may, the Chinese appear desperate and are in "search" of a
"credible" partner in Nepal who could safeguard their political
interests in Nepal more so the one who could curb the Pro-Tibetan

But the Chinese have problems galore. They can´t find any credible
partner in Kathmandu as such.

The Nepali Congress

The Nepali Congress under Koirala, is an out and out Pro-Indian
political setup and thus to hope that some thing tangible from Koirala´s
congress would be "hoping against hope".

To recall, it was Koirala´s party in power some where around 1994-95,
when Koirala managed the "illegal" entry to China´s KHASA area bordering
Nepal of the Indian leader, George Fernandez. The vehicle used then was
provided by the NC party and a host of young NC leaders too accompanied him.

Upon his return, Fernandez organized a press conference and said the
media that "Human Rights situation in Tibet were too bad".


Now if the Chinese authorities bank on the UML´s support then that too
would be a futile exercise.

To boot, Madhav Kumar Nepal, the then UML´s General Secretary had
"scolded" China for having "supplied" arms and ammunitions to the then
Monarch´s regime.

Mr. Nepal crossed all the diplomatic limits when he "chided" China by
being in New Delhi. Thus to expect that UML will come to the rescue of
the Chinese case will be equally an exercise in vain.

The UML will not come to support China because by this time, the UML
leaders´ have already managed "free scholarships" for their "dear
sons/daughters" either in New Delhi or in Beijing. Thus the use of China
is over for the UML leaders at least for now.

Now the Maoists

Well, the Maoists too have had "enjoyed" abundant overt and covert
support from the Indian establishment while in the so-called "exile"
period and hence to expect some tangible support from the Maoists to
come to their doorsteps too appears distant if not remote.

However, the Maoists if in power will try to maintain "excellent" ties
with China. This is for sure.

The monarch

He is already sidelined. And in all likelihood, the King has not
forgotten as to how he was "treated" by China while in power.

A forlorn King can do nothing even if the Chinese elevate his ranks to
the same position.

Now a bit of advice to the Chinese establishment.

The Beijing officials would do well if they assess the "real" situation
in Tibet. Why the sudden eruption of anti-China activities in Kathmandu
if the "situation in Tibet were excellent"?

Shifting the "blame" onto the heads of the Western diplomats posted in
Kathmandu will serve no purpose.

Finally, needless to say, the Chinese authorities have come to their
senses and will in all likelihood not leave Nepal under the mercy of the
Indian establishment alone.

Nevertheless, the question remains: Who could be China´s reliable
partner in Nepal? The search is on perhaps!
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