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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."

Chinese Officials Ordered to Send Their Kids to "Guard the Torch"

May 11, 2008

By Ben Hurley
Epoch Times, Sydney staff
May 6, 2008

Chinese supporters heckle Tibetan protestors before the start of the Olympic Torch relay at Reconciliation Place on April 24, 2008 in Canberra, Australia. Australian Chinese say they are embarrassed by the violent behaviour of Chinese supporters on the day. (Mark Nolan/Getty Images)

The Chinese regime ordered Communist Party officials with children studying in Australia to send them to Canberra to "guard the Olympic torch" according to a Chinese law professor.

The allegation, by well-known dissident Yuan Hongbing, was made at a weekend forum in Sydney. Chinese scholars along with Chinese and Tibetans living in Australia together vented their anger at the bad impression the "angry youths" had made of China.

"The protest [for the torch relay] was organised by the Chinese regime in China, it's an extension, a limb of the regime," said Professor Yuan, former head of the law school at Beijing University, who maintains extensive contacts within China. He was talking at the "focussing on Tibet" forum, held at Club Ashfield on Sunday May 4, organised by Chinese language newspaper, Dajiyuan.

He said he had learned of a communication by the central government to officials at all levels, that whoever had children abroad, should inform them to participate in the pro-China rallies and follow the local Chinese Embassy.

"Inside China we call them angry youths", said Professor Yuan, referring to nationalistic students who claim they oppose CNN news.

"In China how many tragedies are occurring every day," he said, citing recent examples of child slavery.

"Why don't they care about them? Because they don't have feelings of justice. They are standing by the Chinese regime, and their actions will be rewarded by the Chinese regime.

"Their so-called anger and indignation, I don't care about this. Who would pay attention to this kind of cowardly behaviour?"

Yuan Tieming, previously a law lecturer at the Northwest University of Politics and Law, in Xi'an said the protests were "silly".

"They went to protect the torch, but that's not their duty – it's the duty of the Australian Federal Police," he said. "And some of them were even charged for their actions.

During question time a Chinese man stood up to say that he loved Australia and its freedoms. The man said he had waved an Australian flag many times, but had never held the red flag since he came to Australia. He said he was very angry about the Canberra protests.

"Now Australian Chinese have to bear the burden for the bad impression they have made," he said.

Tibet was another topic of the forum, with many Tibetans also in attendance.

Yuan Tieming passed his regards to supporters of freedom for Tibet. "For the peacefulness they have displayed everywhere I would like to give them my congratulations."

"The separatist attempts are not coming from Tibet," Mr Yuan said.

"The Dalai Lama has never said that Tibet should be independent, so it's just an excuse not to talk to him."

"The separatist attempts are made by the Chinese regime. They are using this to incite anger."

Dundub Lama, a Tibetan living in Australia who fled from Tibet to India when he was young, said it was the Chinese regime that was creating hostility between Tibetans and Chinese for its own ends.

"The Chinese regime has come up with strategy to inject poison into the harmonious relationship between Chinese and Tibetan people," Mr Lama said.

"Before we would protest and then go to Chinatown for great Chinese food," he said.

"The Chinese regime are the separatists. The Dalai Lama has been working for genuine autonomy for a long time."
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