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A Prayer Song for the March to Tibet

May 13, 2008

Shadow Tibet (Jamyang Norbu’s blog)
May 10th, 2008

(A Prayer Song for the March to Tibet)
By Rakra Thupten Choedhar

Ki ki so so lha gyalo!
Victory to the Gods of Tibet!

O Tibetan brothers and sisters, we have not met for a long time.
We are returning, we who have long wandered in foreign lands.

O you first sipa (origin) gods of Tibet, send us escorts
We need trusted guides to help us across the many passes and valleys.

O you first sipa goddesses, do not be distracted.
Open wide the gates of the great snow mountain wall.

You thirteen first sipa goddesses of our gur songs, sing us a verse.
It will make the journey shorter across the many passes and valleys

You twelve terma (treasure) goddesses please sing the refrain.
Raise our spirits and make us joyful as we march through the wilderness.

Any thoughts of turning back have been abandoned on the road behind
Our feet compel us to march forward to Tibet.

Lhasa, abode of the gods, gathering place of our people,
The capital city of all Tibetans, more precious than life.

Friends, do not offer the welcome chang right now,
There will be time enough for us to meet, drink and rejoice.
Let us first greet the Buddha Jowo at the Jokang Temple.

(This poor translation of Rakra Rimpoche’s poem was attempted by Jamyang Norbu from the Tibetan original below. Edited by Rigzin Dolkar)
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