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Tibetan Protestors in Nepal Snub Chinese Ire

May 15, 2008

By Tenzin Choephel, Phayul Correspondent
May 14, 2008 [10:02]

Kathmandu, May 13 - Cold-shouldering Chinese Ambassador Zheng
Xialing's serious dissatisfaction over the handling of Tibetan
protests by Nepal at a program yesterday, over 300 Tibetans rallied
in front of the Chinese Consulate again this afternoon. Many of the
protestors bared their chests painted with the Tibetan flag and had
scrawled slogans demanding resolution to the Tibet crisis.

This is the sixth consecutive day of protest by Tibetans at the
Chinese Consulate in Hattisar, Kathmandu since it revival May 8. The
activists have managed to do something different every protest, like
chaining themselves to each other to prolong arrest or men and monks
baring their chests with messages scrawled on them. They also brought
two dummy corpses and a man was bandaged as a manifestation of the
current situation in Tibet.

A total of 280 Tibetan protestors were arrested. (Photo by Tenzin

Protestors came in about five buses from either direction of the
Consulate between time gaps and were able to stage the protest that
lasted for about an hour. They were repeating some of the same
slogans including 'Stop killing in Tibet', 'Long live the Dalai
Lama', 'We demand human rights' and 'Free Tibet'. Police as usual had
to kick, punch, drag and shove many protestors into vehicles for
resisting arrest.

A total of 280 Tibetan protestors were arrested with 34 held at Kamal
Pokhari Police station, 16 at Anam Nagar Police Station and another
180 at Metropolitan Police Barrack No. 2. All the detainees were
released around 9 pm.

The Chinese Ambassador to Nepal has also urged the Government of
Nepal to adopt strict measures to curb the separatist activities of
Tibetans even though some of the local Tibetan leaders have
repeatedly told Phayul that they are not seeking independence for
Tibet but instead are calling for a resolution and an end to the
current crisis. He also ridiculously accused the UN for sending staff
at every Tibetan protest while it is the duty of OHCHR to observe all
the demonstrations and report the facts to the concerned UN body.

On Monday, about 100 Tibetans protested in front of the Chinese
Consulate in Hattisar and 60 were arrested and detained at
Metropolitan Police Barrack No. 2. They were later released around 8
pm the same day.

The same day, around 40 nuns from the Kopan Monastery who had
completed a 24 hour fasting at the ongoing 'Relay Fasting' in
Swayambhu (that began April 13) were returning before being stopped
by the police who then imposed a restriction on their movement until
about 4 pm.
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