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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."

Nepali View on Tibet: People in Nepal Should Support Tibet

May 23, 2008
May 22, 2008,

We, the people of Himalayan region of Nepal such as Sherpa, Tamang,
Lhopa, Yolmo, Manang, Dolpo, Lemi, Mukumpa, Gyasumdo, Tsumpa etc and
Tibetans share a common religion, culture, spiritual teacher,
costumes, habits, language, ultimate wish for enlightenment and
seeking refuge in the same three gems. Although geographically and
politically we are citizens of different countries but we all belong
to the same Bhotia race and no body can separate us.

It is a human nature that whenever your neighbor is in trouble,
especially when they belong to the same religion and culture, we have
to extend all possible help. We have generally seen that even
animals, if attacked by a different kind, collectively resists by
shouting, by biting, by crying and by all means in order to try to
release from the enemy. We are supposed to be better then animals.

Today we have seen and heard about the situation in Tibet. I cannot
say whether people who voluntarily pretend not to see and hear are
being bribed/ paid or not. But if they blindly choose to jump down
the cliff in full sense, I have nothing to say.

We all must know very clearly that the Tibetans are not demanding
independence. They are not demanding the boycott of Olympic. Clearly,
they are demanding equal rights as a nationality, freedom of
religion, freedom to promote Buddhism, repair of old monasteries and
building new monasteries, freedom to join monasteries for the spread
of Buddhism. In short, what our Buddhist brothers and sisters are
demanding are freedom of religion and culture. We have seen that how
in Lhasa they are brutally suppressed for demanding these basic human rights.

Survival of Tibetan Buddhism will depend on the survival of rich
cultural heritage of Tibet. It is absolutely necessary to strive for
the preservation of this rich cultural heritage of Tibet, which is
based on Buddhist philosophy, if we are aspiring for peace and
stability in China, Tibet, India, our country Nepal and the world.
This does not mean that we love a particular country and support and
that we hate another country and protest. This is related to our own
country's peace and security.

According to international laws, people have the right to protest
peacefully for basic human rights. It is unfortunate that in Tibet
peaceful protesters have been gunned down, brutally suppressed,
movements restricted causing difficulty to earn their livelihood,
monasteries locked and thousand of monks and nuns arrested and beaten
brutally. This is a real emergency situation.

Therefore, we all Nepali Buddhist citizens of Himalayan region must
stand in solidarity with the Tibetans in their difficult times. It is
our social responsibility to help our neighbor when in difficulty.
Although we may not be able to help physically and financially, yet
even expression of our concerns and our solidarity will contribute
towards reliving some pain and suffering.

I would like to say further that recently our Nepali police have been
arresting revered Buddhist monks, nuns and people with similar faces
from Soyambhu, Boudha and Jwalakhel areas in the name of stopping
Tibetan protesters. Even the people of Himalayan region of this
country are subjected to this lawlessness act of the Nepali police
which is causing immense harassments to earn their daily livelihood.
The police proudly and easily announce that they have instructions
from the government. Such statements are causing great harm to the
image of Nepal internationally. It is time that we must express our
concerns seriously.

We do understand that once a protester reaches the venue there must
be a prescribed law in dealing with them according to the nature of
protest. However, if the police continue to arrest monks and nuns
randomly while walking on the streets then an unprecedented sectarian
violence like in India and many parts of world may erupt in our
country. In such eventuality the concerned authorities in the
government including the police will be held fully responsible.

Finally, I sum up by asking this vital question to all the Nepali
citizens of Himalayan region who shares the same religion and culture
with Tibetans, Isn't this time that we all stand up with the Tibetans
in solidarity?

May Buddha and Buddhasatvas give us the wisdom and the courage to
distinguish between good and evil and promote the positive virtues of
cause and action? May there be peace and stability in Nepal the
birthplace of Buddha and the world.

(This article was written by Ang Dawa Sherpa, Elected Legislature,
CPM, Nepal. This article appeared in the official newspaper of the
Government of Nepal 'GORKHAPATRA DAILY' on 18 May 2008. She is also
the section editor of the regional language of the newspaper. She can
be reached at ( was translated by
Jamyang Dorjee. The views expressed in this column are those of the
writer, not necessarily those of the Central Tibetan Administration)
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