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"Human values more important than economy", His Holiness tells Britain

May 23, 2008

Report by Office of Tibet, London
May 22, 2008

London, May 21 - Whether addressing members of parliament, the press
or meeting the Opposition Conservative Leader, Mr. David Cameron, His
Holiness the Dalai Lama praised the response of the Chinese
authorities to the recent tragic earthquake in Sichuan. He said the
transparency shown in dealing with it was commendable and said that
if similar response were shown to the Tibet issue that has been
lingering for the last 50 years, then it would be beneficial even for
China and the Chinese people.

Answering questions from parliament members and the press during
separate meetings in the Westminster hall, the Tibetan leader said
that Britain, because of its past historical relations with Tibet,
has a moral obligation not to forget Tibet while building stronger
relations with China.

"The economy is important, but human values are more important. While
you are making close relationships in the business field, there is no
point in forgetting about principles. I think that is very
important", the Tibetan temporal and spiritual leader said.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama also reiterated his three commitments,
namely to promote basic human values, such as warm heart; to promote
inter-religious harmony and to work for Tibet, because he is a
Tibetan and happened to be the Dalai Lama on whom the Tibetan people
put in a lot of trust. His Holiness said the first two commitments he
will pursue for the rest of his life, whilst the last commitment
would have been fulfilled after he is able to return to Tibet with a
certain degree of freedom.

His Holiness viewing the Sand Mandala created by Tashi Lhunpo monks
in the Westminster Parliament foyer. (Photo by Ian Cumming/Office of
Tibet, London)
The Tibetan Nobel Peace Laureate also emphasised that his current
11-day visit to UK was finalised since last year and was at the
invitations that he had received to give public talks and teachings
in London, Nottingham and Oxford. He said in whichever country he
visits, his main focus is to promote human values, which is above
political considerations and is required for whole of humanity. When
asked about Prime Minister Gordon Brown's decision to meet him in the
Lambeth Palace, residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury, instead of
at No. 10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister's official
residence-cum-office, His Holiness said the media is politicising his visit.

"Basically, my visit is non-political. The media have politicised
it", His Holiness said, adding that he would be expressing his
appreciation for Mr. Brown's show of concern about the situation in
Tibet and then accordingly respond to the questions that are raised
by the Prime Minister.

His Holiness is due to meet the Prime Minister on 23 May, Friday,
after his meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan
Willliams. His meeting the Prime Minister will be followed by a
meeting at the Lambeth Palace with representatives of various
religious and faith leaders that was finalised and agreed several
months back between the Office of the Archbishop and the Office of
Tibet, the London-based official agency of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

His Holiness besides stopping to see the Sand Mandala made by the
Tashi Lhunpo monks in the Westminster Parliament foyer today also
addressed members of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tibet;
received the Institute of Jainology's first Ahimsa (Nonviolence)
award; gave an interview to the BBC radio and TV; and audiences to
the British actress and staunch Tibet supporter Joanna Lumley and Mr.
Robert Fox, who was employed by the Tibetan government as a radio
operator before he was arrested and suffered imprisonment for a few
years following China's invasion and occupation of Tibet in 1949/50.

Tomorrow His Holiness is scheduled to meet with the Leader of the
Liberal Democrat Party, Mr. Nick Cleggs; take part in a hearing on
Tibet at the invitation of the Foreign Affairs Commiteee; give a
public talk on "Universal Responsibility in the Modern World" at the
prestigious Royal Albert Hall. This follows a meeting with the future
heir to the British throne, Prince Charles, at the Clarence House,
where His Holiness has also been requested to plant a tree in the garden.
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