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Tibetan Students Express Grief Artistically

June 4, 2008

By Tenzin Choephel, Phayul Correspondent
June 2, 2008

Kathmandu, June 1 - Young Tibetan students from different Tibetan
schools in Kathmandu participated in the RTYC campaign 'The Voice of
Tibetan Children for Tibet' through art at Samtenling Monastery in
Boudha today. More than 50 students made drawings, cartoons and
paintings that expressed their feeling of solidarity with Tibetans
inside Tibet. Some of them were as young as eight years old. There
were 10 participating schools with 10 studetns from each school. Some
of the schools were Srongtsen School, Manjugoksha School, Namgyal
Middle School, Namgyal High School and Atisha Primary School.

Many of the paintings that the children made included monasteries,
monks, nuns, the Potala Palace, Tibetan flags, mountains, Chinese
soldiers shooting at Tibetans and slogans like 'Free Tibet' and 'Stop
Killing in Tibet' that have currently become an inalienable part of
the Tibetan Freedom Movement. One of the boys who made an exquisite
painting of a young monk meditating under a tree explains that, "The
young monk is meditating and wishing for a free Tibet with the dove
taking away the Chinese flag and drawing a Tibetan flag in its place".

Another girl explains that her father has been telling her about the
recent crackdown in Tibet and she is well aware of the situation
inside her homeland, she made a detail drawing of all the Tibetan
elements plus Chinese soldiers shooting at Tibetans. The recent
unrest in Tibet and revival of the Tibetan freedom movement world
over has proved to be a blessing in disguise for Tibetan children to
know and understand their roots and culture more closely than ever.

One such example is Mrs. Gyaltsen Tsundu, a former political prisoner
who now lives with her husband and four children in Boudda. She told
Phayul, "My husband and I regularly take part in protests here, our
children know about it, we tell them about the Tibetan crisis and
they come to hear about it at their school as well. Hence they are
well informed and I think all Tibetan parents should educate their
children about our struggle so that we don't lose our identity, my
eldest son who is sixteen is becoming like us and I am happy for him,
he recently participated in the protest inside UN House".

This is the third beginning of Tibetan protest activity in Kathmandu
since 10th March. The activities against Chinese authorities by
Tibetans in Nepal were briefly stopped during the elections here in
April and in May to respect the loss of lives due to the devastating
earthquake in China. One of the volunteers told Phayul on anonymity
that they would resume their protest campaign in Kathmandu from tomorrow.
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