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His Holiness inaugurates World Conference on Terrorism in New Delhi

June 4, 2008

By Tenzin Sangmo
June 2, 2008

New Delhi, June 2 - The Dalai Lama on Sunday inaugurated the
Terrorism-National and International World Conference at the Taj
Mahal Hotel, New Delhi. Organized by the Jama Masjid United Forum,
the conference projected intense deliberation on the root causes of
terrorism, its new characteristics and emerging trends.

Addressing a gathering that saw eminent personalities like the Union
Minister, Government of India Kapil Sibal, MP and Gen Secretary of
the Samajwadi Party Amar Singh, Hon'ble Chief Minister of Assam Tarun
K. Gogoi, President of the Jama Masjid United Forum Syed Yahya
Bukhari among other dignitaries from Indonesia, Afghanistan,
Pakistan, Maldives, Jordan, Sri Lanka and Uzbekistan the Dalai Lama
condemned the act of terrorism stating that is was unfair to
generalize the transgression of some Muslims and associate it with
Islam as a religion.

"I feel that the word 'terrorism' comes from an action based on it.
Every action whether positive or destructive stems from a motivation
and ultimately, we have to address the situation which creates the motivation."

He further stated, "We possess the potential of affection from birth
which we cannot survive without. We have to develop that sense of
care and affection for others. I believe in a deeper sense of human
and spiritual values."

Expressing his joy at participating in the conference His Holiness
reiterated the promotion of religion and harmony despite different
philosophy and tradition all which carry the same message of
tolerance, discipline, friendship and peace. Furthering his
commitment towards human values and tranquility among all beings the
Dalai Lama offered his support and service in face of threats or acts
of terrorism in the future.

The Dalai Lama then visited the historic Jama Masjid along with other
foreign dignitaries in time for the evening mass by local Muslims.
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