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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."

My Turn: China Must Take the Right Steps

June 5, 2008

By Tashi Anak
The Burlington Free Press
June 4, 2008

It does not matter to the Tibetans what the Chinese government names
them -- "Scums of Buddhism," "Wolf in a monk's robe" or "Terrorists

China lies about Tibet being a part of China. The fact is Tibet has
been an independent nation, and the truth is that China illegally
invaded Tibet in 1949 and as a result tens of thousands of innocent
Tibetans including children were killed and separated from their
families and country. The Tibetans outside Tibet are called refugees
and homeless, and the Tibetans inside Tibet are minorities and do not
have their basic human rights even in their own land.

More than 200 innocent Tibetans were killed and thousands were
arrested during the recent peaceful protests all over Tibet. This
proves that the Tibetans in Tibet are not happy with the Chinese
government and their illegal rule over Tibet and that the Chinese
government is treating the Tibetans like animals.

How can China host the Olympics? How can China and the rest of the
countries celebrate peace and harmony when there is no peace and
harmony at all in Tibet and Darfur? Are the world and the United
Nations afraid of China's power or are they crippled by the economic
and trade relations with China? What has happened to the powerful
words like human rights, principles, moral duty and mutual respect
that the United Nations and this world talk about? Words and actions
need to go together. Even a parrot can say those words.

China is a powerful nation, economically and militarily. But China is
poor in wisdom. Power without wisdom is dangerous and a disaster. It
can hurt itself and others. A mad man riding a blind bull on the
street will not only hurt himself but others on the street, too. That
kind of power is only a short-term power. The world needs to save
China and Tibet. We should not neglect the spark because it can burn the house.

As a Tibetan, I am sad and ashamed to say to the world that we are
not asking for the independence of Tibet, but greater autonomy.
Tibetans respect life because life is very precious, and we not only
love peace but we have been promoting peace and harmony in this
world. We want to live in peace, harmony and with dignity with the
Chinese people. Because of this reason, the Tibetans are sacrificing
Tibet's independence and asking for greater autonomy. We as human
beings must understand that, win or lose, power or no power, it does
not really matter. What matters the most is doing the right thing in
the right place and at the right time.

This present Chinese government can create a great history that the
present and future citizens of this world will always feel proud of,
if they solve the human rights and the Tibet issue, once and for all.

China has separated the Tibetans from their freedom, country, family
and home 50 years ago. Fifty years is a long time because more than
half the life span of a human being is gone. For 50 years, the
Tibetans have been begging, struggling, appealing and protesting
nonviolently for their freedom. Freedom is the heart and soul of a
man, without freedom we cannot survive. There is no use in applying
medicines on the outside of the body when there is a damage inside the body.

The Tibetans will still keep begging, struggling, appealing and
protesting non- violently for their freedom, until they get it.
China, the international community and the United Nations must solve
this Tibet issue. Do the right thing.

One world, one dream can be achieved through peace, non-violence,
mutual respect and taking the right actions. It cannot be achieved
through force and guns.

Free Tibet!

Tashi Anak lives in South Burlington,
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