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"As long as human rights are violated, there can be no foundation for peace. How can peace grow where speaking the truth is itself a crime?"

"Solidarity Day for Tibet"

June 7, 2008

Press Release
The Nepal Tibetan Solidarity Forum (NTSF)
Tibetans in London to host a solidarity event in support of Tibetans
in Tibet on Saturday
Media Contact: Tsering [0791 506 4243]

London June 5, 2008

Tibetans living in London Borough of Greenwich are hosting "A
Solidarity Day for Tibet" in support of the daily peaceful protests
by their fellow exiles in Nepal as well as inside Tibet.

The situation in occupied Tibet remains very tense and independent
media are forbidden by Chinese authorities after the recent protests
across Tibet, initially led by Tibetan Buddhist monks.

The 7 June event will include Tibetan Buddhist prayers, speeches,
music, songs and dances and will be held at Ramgarhia Hall in
Woolwich. Any proceeds made from this event will be donated to Nepal
Tibetan Solidarity Forum.

The Nepal Tibetan Solidarity Forum (NTSF) was launched in Kathmandu
on 21st March 2008 in line with directives from the Tibetan
Solidarity Committee, Dharamsala (India). Tashi Phuntsok, a core
member of NTSF, commented from Kathmandu that Nepal is very sensitive
to Tibetan political activities, "The Chinese Ambassador here is
hyperactive in putting pressure on the Nepal authorities. However, we
are encouraged that international bodies including Amnesty
International and Human Rights Watch continue to closely monitor the
treatment of Tibetans by the local authorities."

In London in March a Tibetan resident contacted his Member of
Parliament expressing concern for the fate of Tibetans inside Tibet.
Nick Raynsford, MP for Greenwich and Woolwich, then wrote to David
Milliband, Foreign Secretary, seeking immediate Government actions on
behalf of his constituent member concerning the recent brutal
crackdown on the peaceful Tibetan protesters in Tibet. On accepting
the invitation from the Tashi Ling Tibetans to address the gathering
Nick Raynsford MP said, "I will be very pleased to join
representatives of the Tibetan community in Greenwich to express my
support for those seeking the maintenance of human rights and the
peaceful solution to current tension in Tibet."

Ugyan Norbu, a local resident who has lived in the Borough for nearly
20 years said, "I am very pleased that our MP Nick Raynsford is
coming to show his solidarity with the Tibetans. We will warmly
receive him in traditional Tibetan welcome."

A Solidarity Day for Tibet -- Saturday 7 June 2008 from 3.00 to 11pm
Venue: Ramgarhia Hall, 62 Crescent Road, Woolwich, London SE18 7BN

Notes for Editors:

1. Updates as of 25 April 2008 (source:
Number of Tibetans killed, arrested, and injured since March 10
clampdown on the Tibetans by the PRC – [203-killed], [above
1,000-injuredd] and [more than 5,714-arrested]
2. The Tibetans in Nepal have been undertaking a wide range of
non-violent actions daily since 10th March in support of their fellow
countrymen and women inside Tibet, who continue to endure subjugation
from China's illegal occupation.
3. This most vigorous peaceful actions currently being held in Nepal
in continuation is drawing worldwide attention to the crisis in Tibet.
4. Over 5,000 Tibetans took part in direct actions and 4072
protesters were initially detained and then released without any
charges by the Nepalese authorities.
5. Some 40 protesters suffered injuries under police beating
including one broke both ankles and presently receiving medical care
in Kathmandu.
6. Some 3,278 participants took part in 24-hour relay fasting with
total number of 1296 hours.
7. London Borough of Greenwich is home to some 70 Tibetans. This
borough is the largest concentration of Tibetans living in the United Kingdom.
8. Tibetans living in this borough often described their place of
residence as "Tashi Ling Tibetans" or "Tibetans living in Happy Land."
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