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Australian Actress Adds Voice for Tibet's Freedom

June 10, 2008

The Tibet
June 9, 2008

Australian actress Kerry Armstrong (Lantana, Sea Change, Bed of
Roses) has added her voice to the issue of Tibet to narrate the
documentary "Tibet's Cry for Freedom." Armstrong was in the SilverSun
Pictures studio in Canberra recently where she recorded the voice
over for the 52 minute broadcast version.

Armstrong, who donated her time to narrate the documentary, feels the
issues raised are more important than money.

"I just think it's so important to hear and acknowledge and do
something when you understand that the Tibetan people have lost the
very thing that you and I take for granted every day and that's
freedom" she said.

"Anyone would have this incredible sense that something's not right
so it's about the human conscience. And I think what Lara is doing
with this documentary is not in any way preaching, it's not in any
way pointing fingers, it's actually just shedding light where light
needs to be shed."

Tibet's Cry for Freedom is first time filmmaker Lara Damiani's
attempt to raise awareness about the Tibetan freedom struggle. It
features interviews with the Dalai Lama, Prime Minister in Exile and
Tibetans in exile including Lhasang Tsering and Tenzin Tsundue.

Damiani first approached Kerry Armstrong in Melbourne, Australia in
July 2007 where Armstrong was the MC for a talk on Universal
Responsibility given by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama.

"When I saw and heard Kerry on stage, and felt her strong sense of
justice and empathy, I knew that she would be perfect to narrate my
documentary" said Damiani.

Damiani began the project after an idea she had in late 2006 to make
a documentary about Tibet's freedom struggle in the lead up to the
Beijing Olympics. It started with an email to Bob Thurman from Tibet
House in New York who encouraged her to make the movie.

Initially self funded, the project was stalled in early 2008 due to a
lack of funds and was rescued soon after by a generous donation from
an Australian couple who heard about Damiani's plight to raise funds
to finish the film after being given a brochure about the project.

Damiani, who has written, produced and directed the documentary
insists that the movie would never have been made without the
generous support of so many people and organisations who donated
their time, products and services from day one. "This is a great
example of the support that exists for the Tibetan freedom struggle
and what it represents" said Damiani.

Tibet's Cry for Freedom is now getting strong interest from
broadcasters around the world and Damiani hopes that it will be
screened to worldwide audiences before the Olympics.

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