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Tibetan Demonstrators Stabbed during a Peaceful Protest

June 12, 2008

Tibet Post International (India)
June 9, 2008

Dharamshala -- According to confirmed sources, at around 9 a.m.
yesterday (June 8), a nun named Tsering Tso (mo) staged a lone
protest at Drago County by distributing leaflets calling among other
things for the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet and to
place Him on His rightful throne.

She belonged to Samtenling Nunnery (aka Watag Nunnery) in Tehor,
Karze (Ch: Ganzi) TAP. The nun was soon arrested and subjected to
merciless beatings by the Chinese security forces. It is, however,
unknown whether the nun had shouted slogans or not.

ater at around 5 p.m. in the evening, all other nuns from the
Samtenling nunnery took out a procession in solidarity with the
arrested nun Tsering Tso (mo) towards Drago County but were stopped
by the security forces at a place called Go-geythang, brutally
dispersing the procession while beating and arresting the nuns. It is
learnt that some of the nuns even sustained injuries due to stabbing.
Those injured have been admitted into a nearby hospital and others
were detained. The situation is reported to be tense and grave of the
injured as well as the detainees.

Following the above incident, around five to six hundreds of local
Tibetans assembled to ask the authorities for the release of all the
detained nuns. They warned the authorities of widespread protest if
the nuns were not released soon. The crowd picketed until 9 o'clock
in the evening, which led to the release of some nuns. As of this
morning, when the last report came in, families of the detained nuns
were seen taking back home the nuns hauled on their backs due to
severe injuries sustained during beatings while in detention. Among
the injured were two nuns with broken ribs and many others virtually
speechless. Those with serious injuries have been taken to Chengdu
for treatment. The nuns of Samtenling Nunnery had earlier in May
defied the work teams that came to launch the patriotic education
campaign in the nunnery and fluttered prayer flags stamped with the
slogan of "Tibet independence" stretching for some half a mile.

According to some other sources, one of the three monks who staged a
peaceful protest on May 6 in Drago County had died today, June 9. If
it were to be true, this could be Tsewang Drakpa. He had earlier
protested along with his monk mates Thupten Gyatso and Jangsem.
Tsewang Drakpa had undergone immense beatings at the hands of Chinese
military and security personnel following his arrest so much so that
he was later admitted to a hospital. The Doctor at the hospital had
then cautioned against his recuperation. Additional information about
the three monks' peaceful protest in Drago on May 6 revealed that all
the three monks were dressed completely white and held the protest in
succession with one emerging after another then had been arrested.
The manner with which the monks were so severely beaten in public by
the security forces has left the local Tibetan indelibly hurt.

In another development, three youths riding motorcycles had on June 5
waved the banned Tibetan National Flag in the middle market of Drago
county and simultaneously shouted slogans of Tibetan independence and
scattered anti-China leaflets. They later managed to escape from the
sight. No further details are available.

Among those arrested after the March 14 and 15 demonstrations in
Taktse are monks of Dechen Sangak monastery of Taktse county, under
Lhasa Municipality whose names are: Choedar, Lhundup, Sonam Tashi,
Chungdak, Thardoe and his brother, and a layman named Dawa Sangpo.
However, even after more than three months of their arrests, the
whereabouts of these people are still unknown to their families in
spite of the fact that the families have searched for them in all the
prisons in and around Lhasa.

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