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"My Tibet: Secret report from the roof of the world"

June 12, 2008

By Clare Dwyer Hogg
The Independent (UK)
Sunday, 30 March 2008

Eleven years ago, Tash, above, risked his life to flee Tibet. Now he
has risked it again, by returning with a hidden camera to film the
stories of torture, murder and forced sterilisation that China does
not want the world to hear.

Tash does not look like a man who has just put his life in danger.
But as he sits in a cosy editing suite in London, the images on the
screens around him – a Tibetan political prisoner showing his scars,
a still of Tash interviewing a Buddhist monk – prove the contrary. He
has risked his life at least twice: the first time, 11 years ago, to
escape his native Tibet; and then, as the screens document, when he
went back with a hidden camera to expose what he felt were injustices
perpetrated by the Chinese government. "I can now never go back to
Tibet," he says. "But it is worth it."

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