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Free Tibet campaign shifts pressure to Coke's London office

June 13, 2008

Ed Kemp Marketing
Jun 11, 2008

LONDON -- The Free Tibet Campaign has made a final attempt to
persuade Olympic sponsor Coca-Cola to put pressure on the
International Olympic Committee to reroute the Torch Relay away from
the region.

The pressure group has written to Coca-Cola GB president Sanjay Guha
in a bid to convince Coca-Cola that its sponsorship of the Olympic
Torch relay will tarnish the brand's image if the Torch is taken into
Tibet this month.

The letter to Guha reads: 'Coca-Cola may claim Tibet does not
normally fall within its sphere of influence, but that claim will
ring hollow if Coca-Cola's brand is clearly associated with any
Tibetan blood spilt during the Torch Relay's tortuous progress
through Tibetan areas.'

Free Tibet Campaign and other members of the International Tibet
Support Network (ITSN) have made several attempts to engage with
officials at Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta and now turning its
focus on the UK.

According to protesters, Coca-Cola chairman Neville Isdell Isdell has
told them the company had no role in selecting the route and quotes
him as saying, 'dropping out of the Torch Relay or using the event to
put political pressure on China would erode the ability of the
Olympic Games to make a contribution to lasting change in China'.

The protesters have also created an image to highlight their
concerns, with the tagline 'shooting boxing torture. It's the real
thing in Tibet.'
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