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Dalai Lama Warns of Inner Ugliness

June 15, 2008

Dalai Lama says cosmetics make people look like creatures from outer space
Asian News International
June 14th, 2008

Melbourne, June 14 (ANI) -- The Dalai Lama gave a glimpse of his
remarkable sense of humour by taking a shot at cosmetics and
insisting that these beautifying products make people look like
creatures from outer space.

While speaking at a public talk at The Dome in Sydney Olympic Park,
the Tibetan spiritual leader stressed that youngsters these days
prefer external beauty and in its spell they tend to disregard the
inner beauty, which is far more important than what meets the eye.

His holiness said that youngsters these days fall in love due to
external attraction, which will eventually wear off, and this leaving
them with the inevitable focus on "the inner ugliness."

"External beauty - you can make ...I think quite expensive. Some
makes them look like (they) come from outer space. Therefore, I think
inner beauty very important," quoted him, as saying.

When asked during question time about the issue of global population
growth the 72-year-old Tibetan leader said: "Religion can make a good
contribution to birth control. So best thing is more nuns - more monks.

The speech is part of late addition to his five-day schedule of
meditation teachings in Sydney, where he addressed a packed house of
6,500 people with his preachings on vanity, birth control and the
imperative of truth and conviction as necessary means to stem global violence.

The Noble laureate joked and laughed about the modern-day habits of
the western world and stressed on infinite compassion, unbiased
compassion, real compassion. (ANI)
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