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Children's Art Installation for Dalai Lama Symposium at Aspen Institute

June 17, 2008

June 15, 2008

Anderson Ranch Arts Center, in collaboration with Aspen Institute,
Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts, Wyly Community Art Center, and
Carbondale Council on the Arts and Humanities, presents a
one-of-a-kind art installation for the Dalai Lama's talk in the
Benedict Music Tent. Created by 48 children from the Roaring Fork
Valley led by the renowned artists Mike and Doug Starn, this
installation celebrates interconnectedness and Tibetan culture and
will be later distributed and auctioned to benefit local nonprofits.

The installation began as a conversation between Kitty Boone,
Director of Public Programs of the Aspen Institute, and Hunter
O'Hanian, President of Anderson Ranch Arts Center. Ms. Boone
commented that His Holiness the Dalai Lama enjoyed being surrounded
by children's artwork, and O'Hanian quickly recognized it as an
opportunity for a community arts collaboration and outreach with the
Institute and local arts organizations.

A month later, under the guidance of Anderson Ranch Arts Center
Children's Program and Outreach Coordinator Sarabeth Berk, the
installation for the Dalai Lama's July 26th talk, "A Celebration of
Tibetan Culture," became a reality. It was designed by nationally
renowned artists Mike and Doug Starn and will be created by children
from the Roaring Fork Valley.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama at Aspen: A Celebration of Tibetan Culture
"This project has been a tremendous opportunity," Berk says, "not
only because it honors a world leader, but it connects artistic
energy in the Roaring Fork Valley, both children and adults alike,
and demonstrates the power of collaboration among different groups of
people. It's been an incredible process to act on behalf of Anderson
Ranch to pull it together."

Anderson Ranch Arts Center recruited the help of three other local
arts organizations--the Wyly Community Art Center, Carbondale Council
on the Arts and Humanities, and the Glenwood Springs Center for the
Arts--as well as forty-eight Roaring Fork Valley children ages 6-12
to create the individual artistic elements comprising the
installation. The children will be encouraged to explore and express
their prayers and wishes for peace, love, and understanding while
experiencing the spirit of collaboration.

The installation, specifically created for Aspen Music Festival's
Benedict Music Tent stage, has been designed to convey
interconnectedness and the artistic elements are meant to be
experienced as a whole. It includes a 6 foot by 45 foot digital mural
placed behind His Holiness and a cloud of 1,200 handmade prayer flags
floating above him, mimicking the tradition of spreading prayers,
hope and good wishes by wind throughout the world. Additionally,
snowflakes will be included in the mural to represent themes of
ephemeral beauty, uniqueness, and the power of coalescence.

Aspen Institute Benedict Music Tent, Aspen, Colorado

Morning of Saturday, July 26th.

Tickets, Live Telecasts, and Web casts
While music tent and the large screen simulcasts in the Paepcke
Auditorium and Doer-Hosier building are sold out, there is free
seating in the grass outside the tent. There will also be a live web
cast of the event streaming from: the day
of the event, with images and multimedia available both from the
Aspen Ideas festival website and Anderson Ranch website afterward.

Conceptual Designers
The artists Mike and Doug Starn serve as the installation's
conceptual designers. They are identical twins who work
collaboratively in the territory between photography, sculpture and
painting, and occupy a unique position within contemporary art
practices of photography. The Starns engagement with Buddhist
principles takes many forms, both concrete and abstract. The Starns'
will be in Aspen from the 17th to the 27th of July to attend other
Aspen Institute programming and help install the artwork. See
www.starnstudio for a full bio and other projects completed by the Starns.

Installation Installers and Organizers
The installation, reflecting the temporal and transitory nature of
existence, will be installed in two hours the evening of July 25th,
and taken down immediately following the event on the 26th.

Aspen Institute, Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Wyly Community Arts
Center, Carbondale Council on the Arts and Humanities, and Glenwood
Springs Center for the Arts all played a key role in conducting
children's workshops to create the installation and providing the
logistical support for the children to attend and participate in the event.

Exhibition Sponsors
The symposium, "His Holiness the Dalai Lama at Aspen: A Celebration
of Tibetan Culture" has been organized in compliance with the
guidelines of the Office of Tibet. His Holiness the Dalai Lama does
not accept honoraria and symposium proceeds will be used solely to
defray event costs. Sponsorship for the art installation was provided
by the Stanton Fund and Aspen Institute.

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